Boys Camp

This morning began with an english muffin breakfast, with cereal offered in conjunction! Cabin clean-up went off without a hitch because the campers are starting to get used the routine! A few cabins were so clean the competition almost ended in a 3 way tie! 

It was another great day for morning classes and a few lucky swimmers were able to pass their classes early and move up to the next level which is always very exciting! Sailing classes finally had some good wind on the lake, so they were able to really learn how to handle the sunfish today. Sports class offered kickball, handball and soccer and campers got to vote on the one they wanted to play. Kickball was a strong winner!

Our lunch for the day was baked ziti followed by a dessert made from scratch by Amanda, one of our kitchen staff who has been attending culinary school. She made chocolate banana cake with a banana glaze, and it was well received by the campers! We had tacos for dinner with lemon bars offered for dessert. 

Everyone is getting excited to play king dodge for evening program tonight and it is sure to be a favorite. The quick dip afterwards will give campers a chance to cool down before bedtime. We are looking forward to a great weekend ahead of us!

-Shannon and Sloane

Last day of Boys Camp July 17th

PICK UP TOMORROW 8:30AM - 10:00AM The last day of boys camp was a great success! We started off the morning with waffles and peanut butter (a camp tradition) and cereal. It was a gorgeously sunny morning for boating, swimming and sports. Campers finished up pillows and geckos in arts and crafts; those that were done with their projects did some drawings and wrote thank-you letters to their counselors.

Our midday meal was Texas Casserole (rice, ground beef, and tomatoes with cheddar cheese on top) with salad and butterscotch pudding for dessert. After our last rest hour, it was a sunny afternoon for a general swim. Following our final fourth period, activities were ultimate frisbee, jumping off the tower, and basketball. We also had an exciting game of Pirates which is a game played on the sunfish sailboats. Campers team up in groups of 3 with at least one experienced sailor and they play a game of "tag" with bright yellow balls. The older boys look forward to it all session!

Tonight we enjoyed chicken fajitas and raspberry jello. Now, the campers are all back at their cabins with their counselors clearing off their clotheslines and packing up their belongings. When they are done tidying up, we will play some games on the field before our traditional Campfire. We will all gather in the Council Ring, sing songs, eat s'mores and some campers will receive boating, swimming and track meet awards. It's a great way to wrap up the session and reward everyone's hard work. This year we are very lucky to have some musical counselors and campers performing!

This group  has been such a pleasure for the last two weeks. We look forward to seeing them back at camp next year and we hope you share the word about CAW with your friends and family! There are still openings for both of our girls sessions this summer.

Tomorrow we will have breakfast at 7:30am and we will see you for pick up between 8:30am-10:00am.

Wednesday July 15th

It was another wonderful day at Camp Asto Wamah! We started off the morning with chocolate chip bread served with cereal or Maypo. It was yet another sunny morning and all the campers enjoyed their time on the lake. Lunch was pork chops with applesauce, carrots and mashed potatoes. A storm came through around the end of the Rest Hour. Instead of General Swim, we all gathered in the upper lodge and played a round of Counselor Trivia. After an indoor 4th period, campers chose from an assortment of board games in the upper lodge during activity period. Of course we prefer sunshine, but we all made the best of the rain and had a fun afternoon.

By suppertime, it had cleared up and it was dry enough to venture out for our traditional Wednesday night picnic. Campers chose a turkey or ham sandwich and also had the option of peanut butter and jelly. Tonight we played "Cops and Robbers", a game that hasn't been played at boys camp in quite a while. The boys loved the competition of the counselors versus campers game!

We just enjoyed watermelon slices for a snack and the boys are now quick dipping before bed. Fortunately, the forecast looks clear for tomorrow and the boys will be able to make the most of the last two days of camp!

LT Trivia yesterday's answer: The Hulk used to be gray

LT Trivia today's question: What are Wolverines' skeleton and claws made of?

Tuesday July 14th

Another day of camp has been a success! Breakfast this morning was cornbread with cereal and oatmeal. There was a threat of rain in the morning, but we avoided the storm and held normal classes. The wind was  especially good today for the seniors during sailing class! Lunch was a special treat - homemade lasagna and vanilla pudding for dessert. After rest hour, it was a gorgeous afternoon for general swim. Activities today included a splash contest off the tower, ultimate frisbee, and Kan Jam. Another group of campers got a chance to set sail on the Hunter with Colleen and Greg.

Dinner this evening was hamburgers served with chips and pasta salad. Chocolate with chocolate frosting was the tasty dessert.  We have an exciting evening program tonight - the LTs are putting on a superhero-themed carnival! Everyone will meet up on the A Field where the LTs have set up all sorts of games, booths and activities to entertain the campers with. The LTs always take pride in planning an awesome carnival; it should be a ton of fun!

We can't believe we only have three more full days of camp left! This group of boys have been such an impressive bunch - we will be sad to see them go on Saturday!

LT Trivia yesterday's answer: Wade Wilson

LT Trivia today's question: What was the Hulk's original color?

July 13th

Happy Monday! Today, we resumed our normal schedule after yesterday's Track Meet festivities. Breakfast this morning was blueberry bread with cereal and oatmeal. Campers went to their morning classes as usual; everyone is making great strides in their boating and swimming classes. Most campers played handball in sports class and made geckos and friendship bracelets in arts and crafts. Lunch was meatloaf served with mashed potatoes and corn and fruit ice pops for dessert. It was  quite humid this afternoon, so we ended rest hour a few minutes early so we could get in a longer General Swim. It was a beautifully sunny afternoon to be in the water.

Activity period offerings included the usuals like jumping off the tower and soccer on the A Field. There was also a diving competition off of Main Dock and Kan Jam by the flagpole. A lucky group of campers got a chance to sail on the Hunter. Dinner this evening was pulled pork sandwiches with chips and applesauce and peach crisp for dessert.

Tonight, the campers are back on the A Field playing "Lightning" which is another type of camp-wide dodgeball game. Like always, we will have a quick dip and evening snack afterwards.

LT Trivia Saturday's answer: Daredevil got his powers when he lost his sight

LT Trivia today's question: What is Deadpool's real name?


Sunday July 12th

Today we had a break in our usual schedule to have a camp favorite- Track and Field Day! It was a day full of running, jumping, and great enthusiasm from all! After a breakfast of french toast, and everyone cleaning their cabins, we all headed up to the A Field. The whole camp was split into Green and White teams with captains chosen from each of the three cabins sections (hilltop, lakeside, seniors). Green and White teams compete against each other within their cabin sections to earn points for their teams. At the end of the day we will tally up all of the points earned  and announce the winner in our end of the session newsletter, The BirchBarker.

We have 4 events this morning to compete in- running long jump, standing long jump, softball throw, and the 50 yard dash. The cabin sections rotated through the first three events and then we had semi finals and finals of the 50 yard dash. The top three placements were awarded points for their respective teams. The boys all cheered each other on, and were super excited when counselors showed off their own track and field skills.

After so much running on the field, we had a short general swim before lunch- ham and noodles. Our next event of the day was the marathon. The marathon was optional, as it is a longer distance than some are used to, running the perimeter of camp.

The main event of the day was the Indian War Relay. In the relay the whole camp participates as two teams all throughout camp. Runners start at the top of the camp road and pass a baton to the next runners until the runners reach the dock and hand it off to swimmers. Select swimmers are chosen to swim from main dock to white raft, then to grey raft and then they hand it off to boaters. There are two sets of rowboats that then hand it off to two sets of canoes. The last set of canoes then hand it back to runners over near Hungerford, who then run through camp and to hand it off to the senior swimmers. The senior swimming have the longest to swim, about 50 meters. The Green team won the Indian War Relay today!

We had another general swim and then some kids chose to participate in swim races to earn their team a few more points. Dinner was grilled cheese and tomato soup with Green and White cake for dessert. Tonight's evening program is Pirates, and hopefully we will have time for quick dip before bed.

The LT's have returned from their day off and are well rested to continue all of their training to become great counselors. We will have the trivia answer tomorrow! Stay tuned.

July 11th

It has been another wonderful day here at Camp Asto Wamah. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful, well behaved group of boys this session! They are some of the best campers we have seen; they are always eager to help, good listeners and very respectful. Today's breakfast was bagels served with cream cheese or butter and cereal, as always. It was a super hot day, so the campers in canoeing learned how to properly handle a capsized boat. Lunch was a camp-wide favorite - shepherds pie (a casserole of beef, corn and mashed potatoes). Activity period offerings included the tower, soccer, Nuke Em, paddle boarding! A lot of boys choose to use activity period time to work on their boating skills or go fishing off of the many docks around camp.

This evening was another night out for the kitchen staff. Some of the other staff filled in to serve hotdogs and chips with cookies and fruit pops for dessert. Instead of eating outside like Wednesday, every camper had to sit at a new table without their cabin-mates. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and learn some new names.

Now, the campers are up on the field playing "Garbage Collector." The whole camp will be involved in dunking balls in a "trash can" on either side of the field. Afterwards, we will have time for a quick dip on this super warm evening! Watermelon will be served as a bedtime snack.

We are lucky this session to have some very musically talented campers. Every night we traditionally have at least one camper blow "Taps" to mark the end of the day. This year, the veteran "Taps" players have been teaching the younger musicians to play with them and it has made for a very special treat.

Tomorrow is everyone's favorite day of camp - Track and Field Day! We will not hold our normal schedule, instead everyone will spend the morning on the field competing in various track events. Details to come tomorrow! Stay tuned.

It has come to our attention that some of our new campers found out about CAW online at We took a look at it and noticed the latest reviews are from 2013! If you have any positive comments you would like to share, we would really appreciate some new reviews.

LT Trivia yesterday's answer: Green Goblin, Jackal, The Joker, Doc Oc, Mysterio

LT Trivia today's question: How did Daredevil get his powers?

July 10th

Today's breakfast was cinnamon bread and oatmeal as an option. Classes were great today, and everyone was excited to go swimming in the beautiful lake. Lunch today was ravioli with jello for dessert. During rest hour the LT's have been working hard in the water on their lifeguard training while all of the other campers rest quietly in their bunks.

Activities offered during activity period included the tower, ultimate frisbee, Nuke Em, paddle boards, and the Hunter. The Hunter is our large sailboat that any camper can sign up to go on. Whenever the wind is strong enough, a counselor will call out names to go out on the lake with about 7 campers.

Dinner was tacos and apple crisp for dessert. The boys are all outside playing right now before evening program. King Dodge is on the agenda tonight- another dodgeball game that everyone participates in.

Today some the counselors tested out camp's new toy...A GoPro! We can't wait to bring it around to all of the activities at camp. Hopefully we can get some cool footage throughout the session.

LT Trivia answer from yesterday: Trick Question! Batman has no hidden super powers

LT Trivia today: Name 5 of Spiderman's villains.

July 9th

This morning started off with english muffins, hot oatmeal and cereal for breakfast. Unfortunately, the sun did not do much shining today, but the rain has held off. We were able to hold a normal schedule all day. Lunch was Swedish meatballs with noodles corn with cherry pie turnovers for dessert. After rest hour, we decided it was a bit too chilly for everyone to enjoy a general swim. Instead, we all gathered on the A Field for a game of non-stop cricket. The camp was split up into two teams and each camper took a turn at bat. It's a fast moving game that gets everyone cheering for  each other!

Activity period offerings this afternoon were ultimate frisbee, nuke 'em, jumping off the tower, can jam and paddle boarding. Badminton has also become a regular activity for the boys. We put up the net a few days ago by the flagpole and there always seems to be a group of boys keeping the game going.

Tonight's dinner is my favorite meal - chicken patty sandwiches. Dessert is usually a surprise so I am not sure what we will be having tonight. Evening program tonight is a special treat. We will be having the Second Annual Boys Camp Talent Show! Most campers will be participating in some way. It is not required to be part of an act, but all the boys have been encouraged to get involved. Some will be performing a skit or talent with their cabin and others will perform solo or in a small group. It should make for a very entertaining evening!

Yesterday's LT trivia answer: Kal-El (Superman's real name)

Today's LT trivia question: What is Batman's special power?


July 7th

We're having so much fun at camp! Today started off with blueberry bread for breakfast and then everyone headed back to their cabins to clean up and get ready for classes. Everyone enjoyed the first three classes of the day in the sun. Sailing classes were especially exciting as it was the first day going out and the wind was amazing! Lunch today was ziti, baguettes, and salad with peaches and pears for dessert. After rest hour and general swim, we had a special treat. Each session we have a guest program come and today Bwana Iguana came to educate us about reptiles. He brought a tortoise, a blue tongued skink, a friendly snapping turtle named Shelly, a corn snake, and a boa constrictor that all the campers got to pet!

After the program we went to fourth period and then it was time for flag lowering and dinner. On the menu tonight was Philly Cheese Steaks for dinner and cheese cake for dessert. Campers are now getting ready for tonight's evening program- Spies and Smugglers.

The LT's announced the trivia answer from yesterday and the new question for today. The answer from last nights was Loki (Thor's evil brother). Today's question is "Name 5 X-Men."

Stay tuned for more updates on the Birch Blog!


Maddy and Colleen, The Huts

Monday July 6th

The first full day of camp has been a great success! At 8:00am, we all gathered around the flagpole for the raising of the flag and "Chicken Fat" (our morning exercise routine). Breakfast was cornbread and cereal. Afterwards, everyone headed back to their cabins to do some cleaning and organizing. Every day, the nurse comes around and inspects the cabins and chooses the neatest cabin from each section (hilltop, lakeside and seniors) as the winner. The next bell rings for camp duties. Every cabin is assigned a duty around camp. Some duties include bailing boats, sweeping the lodge, collecting trash and putting the dishes away. At 10:00am first period began and the campers rotated through three different classes until noon. Seniors went from sports to swimming to boating. Lakesiders went from swimming to sports to arts and crafts. And Hilltoppers went from arts and crafts to boating to swimming.

Lunch was chicken parm and spaghetti with butterscotch pudding for dessert. After lunch, everyone had the opportunity to go to the camp store. Most boys just get candy, but we also provide stamps, paper, pens, flashlights and water bottles. After rest hour, it was a beautiful afternoon for a general swim. From there, everyone did the class they didn't get to do in the morning. Seniors went to arts and crafts, lakesiders went to boating and hilltoppers went to the field for sports.

Activity period offerings today were jumping off the tower, soccer on the A Field, Nuke 'Em (a volleyball game), row boating and aquarium games.

Dinner was a crowd favorite - grilled cheese and tomato soup with orange cake for dessert. Now, the campers are on the A Field hearing the game instructions for Capture the Flag. We will finish the night with a snack and a quick dip in the lake.

We are very lucky to have a great group of boys in our LT (leadership training) program. Each day they do trivia at lunchtime and we will share it with all of you here! This year's theme is superheroes.

Today's question: Who is Thor's evil brother in the movie "The Avengers"?

Stayed tune for the answer tomorrow!

Maddy and Colleen, The Huts

First day of Boys Camp (July 5th)

Welcome to the Boys Camp 2015 blog! It was a beautiful day for campers to arrive. Once all of the campers arrived, counselors took their groups on a tour of the camp. Stops included the archery range, the A Field, the ropes course, the composting bathrooms and the dining room. Afterwards, we all gathered in the Council Ring for some welcoming remarks, introductions and expectations. Finally it was time to get in the water! New campers were all classified into their respective swimming levels. Then everyone got in for a general swim.

Dinner tonight was the traditional first meal - hotdogs, tater tots and beans with brownies for dessert. Now, the campers are back at their cabins getting ready for Evening Program. On the first night of camp we always play Medical War (a dodgeball game). Afterwards, we will hopefully have time for a "quick dip" before bed. Once everyone is ready for bed, counselors will choose a book to read to their cabins.

Everyone is looking forward to the first full day of classes tomorrow!

Maddy and Colleen, The Huts