Girls Session 1 - Day 1

We were sad to see the boys leave early yesterday morning but returned today ready to start the first week of girls! Moving campers in this afternoon was quite warm, but people managed to stay cool by staying in the shade and drinking plenty of water. After goodbyes were finished and the girls were settled into their cabins, all of camp met at the Council Ring to go over camp expectations and to introduce our hardworking staff!

After expectations were set and new campers tested into their respective swim levels, campers were finally able to go into the lake! Everyone checked in today and swam for about thirty minutes. It was a welcome relief from the heat!

Once the last camper left the lake, everyone gathered in the lodge for our traditional first dinner - hot dogs. Campers were able to choose from a variety of salads to go along with their hot dogs and tater tots. They chose from garden salad, potato salad, cucumber salad and a couscous dish. It was the perfect refreshing side dish!

Now campers are enjoying some free time. A few campers are playing tetherball, others are enjoying a game of knock hockey, while others are chatting in their cabins and working on making new friends! In a few minutes we will head up to the A-Field to play our evening program. Afterwards we will all go into the lake once more before bedtime. Everyone will sleep much better once they have rinsed off!

Boys - Day 10

This morning we started off with cinnamon bread, bananas, yogurt, and cereal for breakfast. After breakfast campers headed back to their cabins for cabin clean up and camp duties. During camp duties campers will help, bail boats, sweep the lodge, collect trash and clean the bathrooms.

After camp duties campers headed to their first three periods of the day either swimming, sports, arts and crafts and small craft. After the first three periods of the day campers got out of their swim suits and ready for lunch. Today for lunch we enjoyed meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

After lunch campers headed back to their cabins for rest hour, before heading down to the waterfront for general swim and fourth period. Once fourth period was over campers enjoyed activity period where they got the chance to play Gaga, basketball, can jam, and ultimate ball. There was also a special sailing game pirates. This is where campers and staff take out all of the sailboats at camp, sunfish vs. the hunter, and throw foam balls at each others sails. We had a perfectly sunny and windy day on the lake for the game!

Tonight for dinner we had shaved steak, potato chips, carrots, and roasted peppers. For evening program our LT’s will be hosting a Minecraft theme carnival where campers will be playing relay games on the A field.

Boys - Day 9

Today was a beautiful day! We started it off with cornbread and cereal, followed by our daily cabin cleaning. After camp duties, campers went to their morning classes. In arts and crafts campers made their own necklaces and paintings. Meanwhile, in swimming campers went snorkeling and worked on their butterfly. Many of the campers struggle to get the specific rhythm down during the butterfly so many staff put on the “Butterfly Bootcamp” where we break it down and have campers learn it bit by bit. Even by the end of the first “bootcamp”, campers looked much better!

After a lunch of ravioli and salad, campers enjoyed rest hour and general swim. A few campers in Deep Water have been working on their “Wamah Wall”. They have been moving small stones to a shallower part of Deep Water and making a little walkway of sorts so they can touch! It has been entertaining watching campers walk through 6 feet of water!

Campers have just finished their taco dinner and are heading up to the A-field for evening program. Tonight they are playing Pirates! Many returning campers love this game. Campers run around all of camp searching for keys to the other team’s treasure chest. Once all of the keys are found they can open the chest to find a map to the buried treasure. They can also collect litter and turn it in for points!

Everyone should be tired after tonight’s activities so we are expecting everyone to sleep well. We cannot believe we are in the home stretch!

Boys-Day 7

With the first week under our belts we started our day off with french toast, bananas, oranges, and cereal. After breakfast campers headed back to their cabins for our mid session bunk switch, allowing campers on the bottom bunks to have a chance to switch to the top if they wished.

After cabin cleanup campers headed off to the first three periods of the day. In canoeing we had a special day where we got to practice capsizing our boats. For lunch we enjoyed a camp favorite lasagna, with sides of salad and bread, followed by vanilla pudding for dessert. After lunch campers headed back to their cabins for some rest and time to catch up on summer reading.

Following rest hour campers headed down to the waterfront for general swim, fourth period, and activity period. During activity period campers had the opportunity to take a ride on the Hunter, play badminton, Gaga, soccer, and jump off the tower.

Tonight for dinner the kitchen staff was on their day off so we had a camp cookout by the flagpole. We ate hotdogs, potato chips, pickles, and oranges with chocolate chip cookies for dessert. For evening program the campers will be playing a dodgeball game on the a field. We are looking forward to our green vs. white track meet tomorrow.

Boys - Day 6

This morning, we woke up to a beautifully sunny sky after a night of rain. For breakfast, we enjoyed toasty bagels, an assortment of cereals, oranges, banana, and yogurt. The weather forecast brought great news to camp as it predicted a full sunny day.

Morning classes were terrific! Everyone is starting to master their new skills in boating and swimming classes! For lunch was the Camp Asto Wamah classic and fan favorite: Shepard’s Pie. It was such a hit the line for seconds filled the inner lodge. To top of the meal was yummy and entertaining Jello.

We had a wonderful afternoon here at camp. We had another great windy day that our biggest sailboat, The Hunter, set sail on Columbia lake for the first time this session! We had pulled pork for dinner with the favorite sides of carrots, chips, and applesauce.

For evening program, as the a-field continues to fully dry after a night of rain, we played Murder By Night. The kids have to get into some detective work and figure out which staff member committed “the crime”. The game outs the kids’ thinking skills to work to piece together the puzzle laid out by the counselors.

We hope for a cool night for everyone to get some well earned rest and be ready for another great day tomorrow!

Boys - Day 5

Today was a little cloudy when we woke up, but Sue our amazing cook was able to brighten our morning with blueberry bread and hot chocolate!

This morning’s classes went well. In swim classes we were able to take a few first time swimmers into Deep Water and jump off of Grey Raft! This was a big accomplishment for these Level 3 swimmers and the smiles were contagious. Meanwhile, during nature, a few campers were able to work on their forts that they’ve been building in the woods!

After a lunch of pork chops, mashed potatoes and carrots, campers enjoyed Rest Hour and General Swim. Later on, during fourth period, the wind picked up! This made it slightly difficult for the row boaters to make it out, but the sailors loved every minute. Luckily the wind continued during activity period and a few staff members and LTs were able to take campers out on the sunfish. The wind blew consistently the whole period and everyone had a blast!

The wind was foretelling of a rainstorm, so after dinner tonight we decided to stay indoors for Evening Program. Campers quickly returned to their cabins to grab a few props, and made it back to the lodge before any rain started coming down. We will be playing “Reverse Scavenger Hunt”, where cabin groups use the props they brought to act out different skits! This Evening Program always ends in a lot of laughter. Hopefully the rain will be gone by tomorrow!

Boys - Day 4

This morning we enjoyed cornbread and cereal for breakfast, after which we took our cabin photos! Each session all of the cabins group together for a photo. This photo is available at the end of the session and is a great way to remember each year’s camp experience. Older staff love digging out old cabin photos!

Up at the A-Field during sports class today, campers played “Non-Stop-Cricket”, kickball and handball. Meanwhile, on the lake campers worked on their swimming strokes, fisherman’s row and sailing skills. It was especially sunny and hot today, so campers were encouraged to drink plenty of water and apply lots of sunscreen!

For lunch, campers and staff had ziti and salad before heading off to their cabins for rest hour, followed by a general swim. Due to the heat, all of the campers went in for the swim today! Afterwards, campers participated in a bunch of different games during activity period. Counselors offered jumping off the tower, Gaga Ball, horseshoes and soccer on the A-Field.

Every night before dinner everyone gathers around the flagpole to hear cabin inspection results. The nurse has been really pleased with everyone’s cleanliness this session! Cabin 5 even left Carol our nurse a little message:


Tonight’s dinner was a little out of the ordinary as it is our kitchen’s night off. On nights like these we have what is called “Eat Out”. Every camper and staff member has a cold cut or hummus sandwich and as a cabin they eat somewhere in camp. Some cabins ate on docks, others at the picnic tables and some at the counsel ring. It is always a fun change for campers!

Campers are headed off to tonight’s evening program: Spies and Smugglers. Campers try to sneak points up to the A-Field without getting tagged by the other team. Everyone will surely be exhausted after all of the running!

Boys- Day 3

It was a beautiful sunny morning to start of the third day of boys camp. For breakfast we had a camp favorite waffles and peanut butter, orange juice, with an option of an addition of cereal and yogurt. After breakfast campers headed back to their cabin for cleanup in hopes of winning the nurses cabin inspection.

Morning classes were a success! The campers worked up an appetite, swimming, boating and running around during sports class. For a lunch of chicken tenders, rice, and green beans. After lunch the campers headed back to their cabins for rest hour, a nice break from the sun and a time for our bookworms to keep up with their summer reading.

After rest hour campers headed down to the waterfront for general swim and fourth period. Campers then had the opportunity to jump off the tower, play badminton, Gaga ball, or basketball for activity period!

After our afternoon activities we all gathered around the flagpole to lower the flag and hear inspection results. Cabins two, Old six and six had the cleanest cabins of the day. We then headed up to dinner where we enjoyed grilled cheese with sides of carrots, pasta salad, apple sauce and potato chips. For dessert we had a fan favorite cheese cake!

To end our day we will be playing an evening program of capture the flag!

Boys Camp - Day 2

We woke up to a pretty sunrise amongst the cloudy sky to kick off our first full day of the boy’s session. For breakfast, we had cinnamon bread and hot cereal along with a treat of hot chocolate. All fueled up for the day, the campers headed back to sweep under their bunks and straighten out the cabin. At ten o’clock classes began: swimming in the lake for lessons, taking out rowboats and canoes in small-craft, beading bracelets in arts and crafts, and playing nukem for sports on the A-field.

For lunch we ate texas casserole with salad and bread followed by chocolate pudding with whipped cream. After our noontime meal, the camp store opened for the campers to purchase candy and other necessities. At two o’clock the bell rang signaling our silent rest hour of the day where the campers recharged for free swim and their last class period. Activity period provided campers with opportunities to jump off our beloved tower, play gaga ball or horse shoes, dungeons and dragons, or kan jam on the A-field.

Dinner was meatball grinders with apple sauce, chips, and carrots; dessert was cherry cake with rainbow sprinkles. We ended the night with a camp favorite evening program of Garbage Collector. All in all, it was a great first full day, we can’t wait for the rest of the session.

Boys - Day 1

We had a beautifully sunny day to kick off the Boys session of 2019! As the campers rolled in throughout the afternoon, the counselors helped them get comfortable in their home for the next two weeks. The afternoon settled in as we gathered in the council ring to meet the staff and listen intently to the expectations for the session spelled out by Chris, the director. We then completed swim classifications as others played their first games of tetherball and knock hockey of the session. To close the afternoon, we all jumped into the glorious water of Columbia lake for a spectacular general swim with an impressive first buddy check.

Per Camp Asto Wamah tradition, our first dinner of the session was hot dogs, tater tots, pickles, and carrots. To top off this first meal were Sue’s delectable brownies for dessert.

Currently, campers are on the newly refurbished A-field to play a super fun and active dodgeball game of Medical War. We look forward to the night coming to a close as campers get snuggled in their bunks and ease into the cool night. We hope for a night full of rest to be ready for the early morning rise and getting this fantastic session truly started!

See you tomorrow!

Coed - Day 5

We woke up to yet another sunny day here at Camp Asto Wamah. For breakfast, we had french toast and cereal as well as our favorite, hot chocolate, for a special sugary treat. Ready for the last full day of the session, we tidied our bunks and straightened out our clotheslines. Once the bell rang, we headed off to our last boating, swimming, and sports classes.

All the strokes and dives that the campers were working on this whole week prepared them for the final day of showing off their newly learned skills on the waterfront. With the water warmed up from this week’s heat wave, the campers were eager to jump into the water. The strength of each boating class was tested as the mild wind created subtle waves that the campers had to navigate. In arts and crafts and sports, campers finished up last projects and ran off all their extra energy. Our noontime meal consisted of ham, noodles, and cooked carrots followed by jello.

After rest hour, the campers headed down to the docks for one last swim in Columbia lake. Everyone was excited to get into the water and cool off from the hot busy day. With swim tests in the morning, many campers moved up in swimming levels and were now able to swim in Intermediate and Deep Water. For some, they were able to jump off the beloved tower for the first time.

For dinner, we filled our stomachs with chicken melts, apple sauce, and chips followed by chocolate cake for dessert. Yum! Then the campers headed up for our evening program King Dodge (a fun and competitive dodgeball game) where they got all sweaty before cooling off in our tradition of a “Quick Dip”- jumping into the lake before bed. The campers were extra lucky to end the night off with a campfire where we sang camp songs and ate s’mores. All around it was a great day and an even better session. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow morning!

Coed - Day 4

This morning, campers woke up to decorations all over camp to celebrate the Fourth of July! Staff had decorated the lodge with balloons and streamers to get everyone in the spirit. After a breakfast of blueberry bread and cereal, campers returned to their cabins with clean and help out with camp duties. This morning we brought back “Morning Thought”, something that the older staff remember doing! At Morning Thought, one or two counselors give a short talk on something that they want the campers to keep in mind throughout the rest of their day. This morning, two staff members reminded all of us about the importance of water conservation, and gave us some tips to help preserve water around Asto Wamah.

Once morning classes were finished, campers returned to the lodge for shepards pie and pears. After such a big meal and campers tired from their busy morning activities, all of camp happily retreated to their cabins for Rest Hour. However, once the bell rang signaling the end of our down time, campers rushed down to the waterfront to cool off in the lake for general swim.

Dinner tonight consisted of grilled cheeses and carrots, followed by a sugar cookie decorating extravaganza! Campers were given frosting and sprinkles and were able to decorate their cookie before enjoying it for dessert. Right now, campers are up at the A-Field playing carnival games and getting their faces painted to continue the Fourth of July celebrations. The campers don’t know this yet, but waiting for them at the lodge after the carnival are small ice cream sundaes and some time to all sing some camp songs together! It has been a fun and busy day and we cannot believe tomorrow is our last full day with these incredible kids.

coed- day 3

We started our day off with a delicious breakfast of english muffins, yogurt, cereal and bananas. After breakfast everyone headed back to their cabins for cabin cleanup and camp duties before the first period of the day started. The sun was shining bright while campers took part in small craft, sports, arts and crafts, nature and swimming.

After the first three periods of the day campers had the chance to get ready for our noon time meal, where we enjoyed ravioli, salad, and french bread. For a sweet treat after lunch we enjoyed butterscotch pudding, a camp favorite. After lunch campers had the opportunity to visit the store, where they could choose a choice of candy before the went back to there cabin for rest hour.

After rest hour every single camper checked into general swim where they were able to work on their strokes and enjoy the water in the hot sun. After general swim campers went to their fourth period of day, small craft, arts and crafts or sports class.

After fourth period the campers had the opportunity to have some free time during activity period. Today counselors offered jumping off the tower, hair braiding and aquarium bootcamp where campers in levels one, two and three got to improve their swimming skills, as well as knock hockey, tether ball and fishing.

Every Wednesday kitchen staff has their day off every cabin got to choose a different location around camp to eat their dinner as a picnic rather than in the upper lodge. Each camper got a choice of a cold cut sandwich and/or a PB and J pair with chips, watermelon and bug juice.

After dinner we have a camp wide evening program, Pirates. Campers are split into two teams and their goal is to find the other teams treasure, which is hidden around the camp, before their own treasure is found.

See you tomorrow!

Coed - Day 2

We had a chillier morning here at Asto Wamah to start off the second day of our coed session. Luckily, Sue, our fantastic cook, was prepared, serving us warm cinnamon bread and hot chocolate for breakfast. Following cabin clean up and camp duties, the sun was peaking out of the clouds and campers enjoyed a busy morning of swimming, sports, arts & crafts, nature and boating! With one day under their belts, campers have already been improving on their front crawl and fisherman’s row. After a filling lunch of meatballs, mashed potatoes and corn, campers took advantage of some down time during rest hour. Campers soon re-emerged from their cabins excited to jump into the lake for general swim or to take part in a rousing game of gaga ball. After swimming for rings or floating on noodles, everyone transitioned to fourth period to finish up their classes for the day. For activity period, campers were able to choose from badminton, stand up paddle boards, card games and jumping from the tower. A few lucky campers were able to go for a ride on the “Hunter”. The Hunter is our largest sailboat that campers and staff enjoy on windy days! Following activity period everyone enjoyed chicken patties, chips, and carrots, with apple crisp to finish off the meal. Campers are now gathering for our evening program! Tonight we are playing a long time favorite, “Spies and Smugglers”. In this game campers try to smuggle points up from the flagpole to the A-Field without being tagged. Everyone will be sure to fall right to sleep after such a busy day!

First Day of Summer 2019!

Yesterday was our first day with campers for the whole summer, and the start of Co-ed 2019. We were lucky, in that the rain held off until after most people were here. We were inside playing games in the afternoon for a little while, but it was a great chance for people to get to know one another. Dinner was, of course, our traditional hot dog and tater tot meal, with brownies. We played Medical War for Evening Program, and then went to bed to get ready for today- which is a beautiful day already! As we speak, campers are getting ready for their day, cleaning their cabins, and doing camp duties (our version of chores!) Sorry for the delay in posting, we will be posting every evening for the rest of the summer :) Enjoy your days!

June Update

May was a very busy month at CAW.  The LTs began the month taking a CPR course. This is a requirement for Lifeguard Training and a skill all the Asto Wamah staff have.  At the end of the month we held Open Camp Day to give new campers a glimpse of what the campsite is like.  Both ‘old’ campers and staff led tours for the new campers and their families.  Our tour guides also spent time talking about the program at Asto Wamah and answering questions.  It was a beautiful day and everyone appeared to have had a great time.  There was lots of excitement and anticipation in the air! 

 It is hard to believe that in one month Coed camp will have started!!  

We are anxiously looking forward to the arrival of our 40 girl campers and 47 boys on June 30th.  Each day we are getting closer to being COMPLETELY ready.  We still need to get out all the sports, archery, crafts and swimming/rescue equipment. The rafts will need to be floated into their proper places in the lake. Clotheslines need to be hung and each cabin needs to get its final cleaning.  Of course the food needs to be ordered!

Prior to the 30th, the entire staff will spend 4 days in Staff Training preparing for the 7 weeks ahead.  This is a very important part of the season.  It is a time of sharing, learning, playing and bonding.  The staff works as a team so team building is a focus.

You are all surely getting to the end of your school year.  We hope it has been a success and you are counting the days until you will be at camp.  We are too!

Watch for the next BLOG on June 30th. From that time on you can expect to read a daily accounting of life at Asto Wamah!  Stay tuned.

Can’t wait!

Catherine, Chris, Jen and Nancy

May Update

Welcome to Asto Wamah’s May BLOG!

Hope this new month finds you well and happy! 

 We have just survived a VERY wet April at Asto Wamah.  Because of the record-breaking rain, Columbia Lake is now FULL.  It is very unusual for this to happen so early in the year but we are not complaining.  A full lake will result in lots of fun in and on the water.

Saturday, April 27 was our traditional Spring Work Day at Asto Wamah.  Thirty-five energetic volunteers spent the morning raking, stacking brush, cleaning cabins, washing dishes, and in general, getting camp ready for the 2019 season.  Camp looks great and is well on its way to being prepared for the first campers to arrive on June 30. THANK YOU to all who participated!  The improvement is obvious!  Your help is sincerely appreciated! 

Hope you have all marked your calendars for our May 25th Open Camp Day.  This is an opportunity for new families to visit camp that Saturday between 3 and 5 pm and have a tour of the grounds.  Counselors and returning campers will be present to show you around and answer questions.  We are all looking forward to meeting first-year campers and their families!

There are still a few places open in Boys’ camp and Second Girls’.  If you know someone who may be interested, please spread the word. We are close to having a full camp and your help is always appreciated.  Thank you!

We trust you are as excited about the upcoming Asto Wamah season as we are.  The staff has been hired and they are exceptional!  They have all been a part of Asto Wamah as campers or LTs in the past.  All are enthusiastic and focused on providing the 2019 campers with an awesome Asto Wamah camping experience!  Only 2 months to go!

 Catherine, Chris, Jen and Nancy

April Update

Greetings to ALL Asto Wamah followers,

The April Blog should be filled with images from camp, but unfortunately I waited too long and lost the opportunity for sunny, bright pictures. During the first week of April, I will be sure to take pictures that will give you an idea of the changes that are transforming camp from bleak and stark to full of new life.  Stay tuned!

There is finally a buzz of activity here.  The snow is gone and the lake is free of ice.  The winter seemed to hold on a bit too long, but I believe we are now on the path to warmer times. We are at the time of year that will bring camp back to its recognizable, summer-like look. Many tasks are underway. One of the major jobs at Asto Wamah each spring is turning on the water.  Our water pipes are on the ground’s surface so they need to be drained each fall to avoid having them freeze and break during the winter.  

The last Saturday of April is always our Spring Clean-up Day. Volunteers come to camp and rake leaves, clean up fallen branches, wash windows, clean the cobwebs out of the buildings, and spruce up the cabins. In general, we prepare Asto Wamah for the new season.  We start working at 9:00am and end with lunch at noon.  There is a lot to be accomplished and many hands make the jobs easier.  If you are interested in helping, email Nancy through the CONTACT page on the website – that way there will be enough food.  We work RAIN or SHINE. (Come prepared!!)

This is an exciting time for camp!  We are ordering new fun activities and equipment as well as upgrading programming supplies.  The A-Field has weathered the snow and heavy rainstorms and is now green, level, and waiting for the FUN.  We are filled with anticipation for the new camping season on the horizon.

Asto Wamah’s staff is looking forward to your time at camp.  There are a few spots still open for campers (coed is the only session with a waiting list). If you have a friend or relative that may be interested, SPREAD THE WORD!

Wishing you a terrific April!!

Jen, Catherine, Chris, and Nancy

March - Camp Updates

March 2019 BLOG

Happy March!  Spring is on its way:)

The update on Asto Wamah and what is happening on Columbia Lake is a COLD story. 

It seems as though the month of February brought colder, icier and windier weather than usual.  Several of the ‘snow’ events turned to thick ice making the Camp Road treacherous and walking the paths a challenge.  Luckily the wind did not take trees, just random branches.  For a while Columbia Lake froze over and gave the ice-fishermen some opportunities to sit and fish.  The lake presently has a number of areas that still have large floating ice areas that move with the wind.  Fortunately the water is nowhere near our docks which stand to be ruined if hit by moving ice.

It won’t be long before the dam will be closed and the lake will begin to rise to its summer depth.  That will be a sure sign of spring and warmer weather:)

February was, as usual, a very busy month for Asto Wamah.  Enrollment opened on the first and by the end of the month there are a few openings remaining (except for coed-girls).  We are starting a week earlier this summer to better accommodate snow days.  That mean we end go a week later into August.  At this time there are a few openings in each session so pass the word to friends, schoolmates and neighbors.  Invite them to check out the videos that are on the website to get a better idea of what Asto Wamah looks like. On one video there are drone views of the A-Field that give you an idea of the improvements that have been made there.  Can you see the huge rocks down by the basketball court?  Those were pulled from the field during the grading stage.  They were moved with the idea of making seating for Newcomb viewers!

We are happy to see that so many of last summer’s campers are returning along with returnees from the 2018 staff.  Plans for the 110th season at Asto Wamah are moving along with more of the ‘to be expected’ and some exciting new activities and initiatives.  We very much look forward to seeing you this summer!


Catherine, Chris, Jen and Nancy

P.S. We are always ready to answer questions and concerns! 860-649-8614