Asto Wamah's September Update


For weeks now, we have said, “where did summer go?”  This summer, although hot, was perfect for living and playing outside day after day.  We luckily had enough rain to keep the dust down and rarely had to cancel or change our regular program, as you could have counted the number of thunderstorms on one hand.  The lake got warmer during the summer, but never so warm that it was not refreshing.  So without question, Mother Nature was good to us! 

The “End of the Session” camper evaluations have painted a happy picture of Asto Wamah as a place where respect for each person, the environment, and the facility is the norm.  We continue to foster the expectation that everyone will make new friends and be part of an inclusive community. Repeatedly, challenges were met and new skills and attitudes expanded.  Trying new things, whether in the dining room or program areas, was frequently reported by campers of all ages.  Amazingly, there was success in adapting to life without a cell phone! Many campers reported “it was like being on vacation.”  The freedom of being disconnected was a powerful and positive lesson.  This list could go on and on.  The lessons learned cannot be replicated in the ‘real’ world.

We are grateful for the families who chose Asto Wamah for their child’s camping experience this summer. We are truly thankful for the staff whose leadership skills and devotion to CAW provided this incredible experience for the 300+ children who attended during this 110th season.  Thank you all!

Surely you have all returned to school or work by now.  Hope the new year has gotten off to a terrific start and you have brought with you all the awesome social skills that are embedded in CAW’s motto: Remember the Other Fellow.

Our best to you,
Catherine, Jen, Chris and Nancy

P.S. We have recently had so many requests for tours of camp that we have decided to offer a Fall Open Camp Day on Saturday, October 12th between 2:00 and 4:00 pm. We will work to gather staff, LTs, and campers in the area to give tours. A reminder email blast will be sent out soon, so if you would like to stay up-to-date, don’t forget to create an ultracamp account through the camp website!

I Want to Linger-Day 13 Second Girls

Hello Again!

Our final full day of camp began with the campers enjoying warm pancakes, butter, syrup, hot chocolate, orange juice, oranges, hard boiled eggs, and yogurt. Today for swim classes instead of teaching we offered activities such as jumping off the tower, diving competitions, and aquarium games. In sports class the girls played a great game of Gaga. In boating class the boaters helped move all the sailboats, and canoes from the lake. For lunch we had a camp favorite, Texas casserole, bread, butter, salad, and ranch dressing. Dessert today was vanilla cake topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. During rest hour the extra staff searched for missing googles in the lake, and removed the final sailboats from the lake. There was a normal general swimming following rest hour. After general swim the entire camp went to the A field to play non-stop cricket. Immediately following the game, we gathered around the flagpole to try something new. We divided the campers and LT’s into different groups to complete a nature scavenger hunt. The girls looked around the camp to find different items that were on the list. Supper tonight was chicken patties, chips, pickles, and oranges. For dessert tonight Sue had made brownies toped chocolate frosting. Our evening program tonight we did our traditional CAMP FIRE! As the kids sang songs and enjoyed a s’more, we passed out swimming, boating, and track & field awards. We closed the evening with our traditional end of camp song, Linger. Tomorrow our pick up time is 8-10am. Toodles Till Tomorrow <3

A Thoughtful Reminder- Day 12 Second Girls

Hi everyone, sorry about missing yesterday, it was a busy day at camp!

We began the day later than usual, because the campers were a little bit tired. For breakfast, we enjoyed plain bagels with either their choice of cream cheese or butter. Alongside the bagels, we had yogurt, bananas, orange juice, and hot chocolate. Today’s morning classes were super important to the girls because they were finding out if they had passed onto the next level. We know that we have reached the end of session because the boat directors removed the Hunter from the lake. Lunch this afternoon consisted of tuna, egg, or peanut butter and jelly. With the sandwiches the children had chips, carrots, and applesauce. For dessert, Sue tried a new cake today called Jelly Poke Cake. Rest hour was longer than usual which allowed the campers to re-energize and rejuvenate. Following rest hour we had a shortened general swim, and an extended fourth period. For tonights supper and evening program was our traditional Banquet! The food consisted of a Thanksgiving dinner, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, and bread. Following supper was songs, a slideshow, year awards, and a candlelight service. After this service the girls leave in silence to reflect on the session. Toodles Till Tomorrow <3

Singing in the Rain- Day 8 Second Girls

Welcome back to another amazing day at Camp Asto Wamah!

The morning started off cloudy and humid. For breakfast the campers enjoyed english muffins topped with either butter or grape jelly, served with cereal, orange juice, and warm hot chocolate! During the meal the LT’s announced that tonight will be Talent Night! For swim class today the girls had the opportunity to get out 10 minutes early to change out of their bathing suits and get warm. At our noon time meal, Sue made cheese stuffed raviolis tossed in a marinara sauce, with fresh cut baguettes, served with a side of tossed salad and ranch dressing. For dessert we had vanilla pudding topped with whipped cream. This afternoon we skipped our normal general swim because of the rain, so we opted for board games in the lodge. Some board games that were offered were uno, ukuleles, puzzles, and apples to apples. This gave the campers an chance to bond with some of the girls in other cabins. Following this was a shortened fourth period, activity period, and counselors swim. Supper this evening was homemade grilled cheese, served with tomato soup, chips, and carrot slices. For dessert we had a camp favorite, CHEESECAKE! The cheesecake (made by Sue) was decorated with chocolate sprinkles and graham cracker crumbs. Evening program tonight was talent night, which meant that everyone gathered around the porch of the lower lodge to watch different acts. Some of the acts that were being offered were cabin skits, singing, dancing, and magic tricks. The campers are now tucked away in their cabins nice and warm on this chilly night. Toodles Till Tomorrow <3

Around the Lake Day 7- Second Girls

Welcome back!

After a long day of track and field we returned to our normal schedule. For breakfast we enjoyed waffles, butter, and peanut butter. Everyone in camp enjoyed hot chocolate on this chilly morning. After breakfast the kids rushed back to their cabins to clean in hopes of winning cabin cleanup. The morning schedule was the same, with 3 classes and a counselors swim. The day started off chilly but by our noon time meal the sun was shining bright in the sky. For lunch we had a camp favorite SHEPHERD’S PIE, gravy, salad with ranch dressing, and bread. For dessert the girls enjoyed chocolate pudding topped with a divine whipped cream. The campers and counselors basked in the glory of rest hour. The afternoon schedule was normal with a general swim, fourth period, and activity period. The activities that were being offered today were gaga, the tower, and corn hole. For dinner Sue served meatball grinders tossed in a marinara sauce with carrots, applesauce, and potato chips. We are now off to our evening program of Murder by Night. The object of the game is to see what counselor “murdered” another counselor. Toodles Till Tomorrow <3

Another One Bites The Dust- Day 7 Second Girls


This morning we had a new camp favorite, cinnamon buns which was served with cereal, orange juice, and hot chocolate. This morning the schedule was very different then most days. Instead of our normal morning schedule it was TRACK AND FIELD DAY! Following cabin cleanup, the girls headed to the A Field to compete in 4 different events. The events included, standing long jump, running long jump, softball throw, and the 50 yard dash. After these events the campers headed into the water for the first general swim! Following this was our noon time meal. This year Sue, the cook decided to change the typical meal of ham and noodles to ham and mashed potatoes. The girls enjoyed this change and ate all of the ham! For dessert the girls were served lemon or strawberry sorbet. After lunch we had a much needed rest hour, the morning was very long for a lot of the girls. Following rest hour we had a marathon, where some girls ran from the A field all the way to flag pole. After the marathon all of the campers participated in the Wamah War Relay! The relay includes swimming, running, and boating. Following the relay we had a second general swim. After the general swim the campers gathered into the lodge for supper. Supper this evening was beef BBQ, chips, carrots, and apple sauce. Evening program tonight was various relays. The relays included kickball toss, dizzy Duzy, soccerball toss, ping pong walk, and many more. They competed in these events to earn points for their team (Green or White). Toodles Till Tomorrow <3

A Pirates Life For Me- Day 6 Second Girls

Sorry today’s post is a little late, it’s been a hectic day.

This morning for breakfast the campers enjoyed fresh baked corn bread, grape jelly, butter, and cereal. While the kids munched on breakfast they also enjoyed orange juice and hot cocoa. The morning schedule was normal as usual. In arts&crafts campers were given the option to tie dye shirts, headbands, or any white article of clothing. For lunch, we had homemade lasagna, a Camp Asto Wamah favorite!!!! Many of the campers had seconds, and thirds for this wonderful meal. With meal they were served baguettes, salad, and ranch dressing. After lunch the campers got their candy from the store, and hunkered down for rest hour. The afternoon schedule was normal with general swim, fourth period, and activity period. Some activities that were being offered today were fishing, gaga, uno, and a fan favorite, the tower! Dinner tonight was a little different since the kitchen had their day off. The campers gathered around the flag pole and enjoyed hot dogs, chips, pickles, cookies, and bug juice! Our evening program was something that our campers looked forward to all session long, PIRATES! While playing the game, the campers collected trash to earn points for their teams. For our evening time snack the campers had fresh cut watermelon. The kids are now asleep and ready for tomorrow! Toodles Till Tomorrow!

Just Another Day in Paradise- Day 5 Second Girls

Welcome back to another day at camp! Today for breakfast we had french toast with orange juice. The campers were extra hungry today, it seemed like we had some monkeys here because we went through two full trays of bananas. Our morning was normal as usual with cabin clean up and classes. This brings us to our noon time meal which consisted of homemade meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn, and bread and butter. For dessert the kitchen served butterscotch pudding topped with whipped cream. Following lunch we had a normal rest hour, and a handful of girls began their beaded bracelets with Drew in the arts & crafts room. After rest hour, the children dove into the lake to cool off for a general swim. We had a normal afternoon which consisted of fourth period and activity period. For supper, we had a camp favorite of CHICKEN MELTS, applesauce, carrots, and chips! The girls fell in love with this meal, there were no more leftovers! The dessert was homemade apple crisp topped with whipped cream and oats. Tonight we will be playing Spies and Smugglers! A lot of girls are excited about this and cannot wait to start! Toodles Till Tomorrow <3

The Lion Sleeps Tonight- Day 5, Second Girls

Our morning began 30 minutes later than usual. Some of the campers needed some extra time to sleep in after the storm. For breakfast, the campers enjoyed bagels, cereal, and tangy orange juice. Besides our sleep-in, we had a normal morning of classes, which brings us to lunch! Today we had a delectable chicken parm with spaghetti and salad with ranch dressing. For dessert, the campers enjoyed vanilla pudding with chocolate sprinkles, topped with whipped cream. Even with the extra 30 minutes of sleep, lunch brought us to a well needed rest hour. A lot of the campers were grateful for the general swim because the sun started to peak out at that point. A normal day followed by supper which we had hamburgers! With carrots, applesauce, dill pickles. and chips. For dessert we had moist vanilla cake finished with a creamy chocolate frosting. As we are finishing up this blog post, the campers are heading to the A-Field to play a camp favorite of King Dodge! Wishing us the best weather for tomorrow, Tootles Till Tomorrow <3

Let It Rain- Day 4, Second Girls

Our apologies for the delay in our daily blog for there was some confusion with new authors.

We began our morning with some deliciously famous chocolate chip bread and hot cereal (regular cereal for the regulars!). It was a pretty chilly and dreary morning, so the kids sipped on some hot chocolate as well. With a little more warmth in our systems, the girls dressed up in their “fancy” pajamas and cabin pictures were taken!! Then off to the cabin in hopes to win cabin cleanup. The foggy morning parted way to the sun just in time for classes to start at 10:00. Off to boating, sports, swimming, and arts and crafts they went! For snack, the campers were served leftover pizza from last night’s supper. At our noontime meal (lunch/dinner- as we call it) we were served a camp’s favorite; ziti and divine baguettes. The campers settled down with rest hour and thankfully it wasn’t too hot so we were all comfy :) After rest hour, everyone grabbed a buddy or two and headed into the lake for a general swim. Then came time for our last class of the day, followed by activity period. Some activities that were being offered included a friendly game of Spoons, Gaga Ball, fishing, and Uno. Supper today was a little different than normal because the kitchen had the day off, meaning Eat Out!!!! The meal consisted of a choice of a meat sandwich or/and a PB&J with chips, bananas, bug juice (lemonade), and cookies! Sadly the rain couldn’t hold off for the rest of the night so we gathered the campers into the lodge and activity room for a game of Reverse Scavenger Hunt! An improv skit based game where the campers act out a scene given to them by the judges using items from their cabins. Looking forward to another beautiful day on Columbia Lake. Toodles Till Tomorrow <3

The Last First Day.... Day 1, Second Girls

Second Girls, the last session for the summer, began today! Once everyone was settled and moved into their cabins, campers listened to the camp rules, and new campers completed their swimming tests. The camp sat down in the lodge to eat the traditional first night meal of hot dogs, tater tots, and baked beans, with brownies for desserts. The food was delicious and we all enjoyed eating it as we started to build new relationships with counselors and cabin mates. After supper the girls will continue the traditional First Day events by playing Medical War on the A-Field for evening program. For those of you in the “real world” we also went to “camp time” which means we at camp are 30 minutes ahead of you- this little trick allows us to gain 30 minutes of daylight in the evening, which we would lose due to the days getting shorter. Fingers crossed for a good first nights sleep!

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Banquet night!

We woke up this morning to the sun shining and a nice breeze. After our morning exercises, we had blueberry bread and cereal for breakfast. Cabin clean up and camp duties went well and then we were off to first period! Campers worked hard in their swimming and smallcraft classes with the hope of passing into the next level. Everyone has made great progress and has learned many new skills these past 2 weeks! Campers are also beginning to wrap up their arts and crafts projects. We have many artistically talented campers who have created beautiful projects! For dinner, we had our traditional egg salad and tuna salad sandwiches. Campers were also able to choose whether they wanted delicious leftovers, including lasagna, meatballs, and beef BBQ.

After dinner, campers went to store and then rested before going to general swim. We had a special treat for the campers today - before general swim started, our seniors superstar swimming class put on a synchronized swimming performance! They did a great job!

After fourth period and activity period, campers and staff prepared for Banquet! Banquet is a favorite for many staff and campers. Our meal is similar to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner - turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, and even stuffing! We also had ice cream for dessert! After the meal, campers sang camp songs; we even had a guest (former staff member) lead a song, which was a nice treat! Campers then received their year awards, which symbolize and celebrate their ability to increase their independence by leaving home for 2 weeks. Banquet ended with our candlelight service. We were lucky to have very little wind and put our candles into the lake to end the evening. Campers are now fast asleep so they can reenergize before our busy day tomorrow!

Another Hot One! 1st Girls Day 10

Today was French Toast, with cereal, yogurt, and hard boiled eggs as options! What a fulfilling breakfast. The morning was filled with activities, including the swim to Frog Island! This swim which happens every year takes just about an hour, and is open to swimmers levels 5 and above. This year 12 girls participated in and completed the swim, and got to see a whole other part of the lake! The morning was full of regular activities like swimming lessons, small craft lessons, sports, and Arts and Crafts. Lunch was Baked Ziti, a camper favorite, and the afternoon brought General Swim, and for Activity Period the sailers became Pirates on the Lake, with the Sunfish battling the Hunter. While there was no winner declared, fun was had by all. Tonight involves a lot of different things, including a new dinner to the rotation- Beef Barbecue! It is delicious, eaten on rolls, and was a hit! Tonight is also different, with a short General Swim, followed by a low key game of Murder By Night.

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1st Girls- Day 9

To start off our second week of the session we had cornbread, cereal, and yogurt for breakfast. After breakfast campers headed back to their cabins for cabin clean up to get ready for the nurses inspections and camp duties. It was a hot one today, campers were very excited to be getting in the water for swim lessons during their morning classes.

After our morning classes campers headed back to their cabins to get out of their wet swim suits and ready for lunch. Today we enjoyed meatballs and mashed potatoes and peaches for dessert. After lunch campers headed back to their cabins to get out of the sun and catch up on their summer reading.

Once the bell rang ending rest hour we headed down to the waterfront for general swim and fourth period. After fourth period campers had the opportunity to go on the Hunter, paddle boards, sunfish, play Gaga and learn how to play the ukulele. Tonight for dinner we had chicken patties, carrots, apple sauce and potato chips. For dessert we had gingerbread cake. For evening program campers will be playing Pirate Gangs, a camp wide treasure hunt.

1st Girls- Day 8

This morning we started our day off with cinnamon bread, cereal, and yogurt. This morning we had a different schedule than usual due to track and field day, white team vs. green team. Instead of morning classes we headed up to the a field for four different events the fifty yard dash, standing long jump, running long jump and the softball throw. Hilltop, Lakeside, and Seniors green and white teams competed against each other for first, second and third place in these events,. After the morning activities campers headed down to the waterfront for the first general swim of the day.

For lunch we had our track and field day traditional lunch of ham and noodles with churros for dessert. After lunch campers headed back to their cabins for rest hour, giving them a chance to refuel before the afternoon events. After rest hour campers had the option to run a “marathon” to get points for their team. After the marathon everyone participated in our camp wide triathlon where the green and white team raced against each other. The race started on the camp road with runners and made its was down to the water front where there were six swimmers and eight boats to finish off the race with two senior swimmers racing to main dock. Once the triathlon finished campers had the opportunity to get more points for their team in swim races where they competed against other campers in their swimming levels. After all of the afternoon events commenced campers headed into the water for a second general swim before dinner.

Tonight for dinner we enjoyed pizza, salad and apples sauce with another track and field day tradition, green and white cake for dessert. For evening program there will be different relays on the a field.

We dodged the storms! 1st Girls, Day 7

Today started off with English muffins (with jelly and butter), accompanied by the usual cereal, milk, OJ, and cocoa. The mornings activities went off without a hitch, and we even had some swimmers pass into the next level mid-session today! Dinner was homemade lasagna (delicious!), with baguettes, and salad. Our afternoon included General Swim, and it seemed like all the boats were out today during Activity Period, which was amazing! The Hunter went out, Sunfish, Stand-up Paddleboards- almost every kind of vessel we have was out! Dinner was Eat Out so the Kitchen Staff can have a well earned afternoon and evening off, and the weather cooperated! We had hot dogs, chips, and all the accessories! Tonight is Spies and Smugglers, a camper favorite- wear your long pants and extra layers!

1st Girls- Day 6

With the first week almost over we started our morning off with blue sky and sunshine. Today for breakfast we had waffles and peanut butter, cereal, yogurt and bananas. After breakfast campers headed back to their cabins for cabin cleanup and camp duties. Camp duties are jobs that each cabin is assigned to help keep camp clean which include bailing boats, cleaning the bathrooms, collecting trash from cabins and sweeping the lodge. Once camp cuties were over we met in the cousin ring for morning thought. Today our kitchen staff talked about respect and manners in camp.

For our morning classes we did not have a cloud in the sky, campers practiced their swimming and boating, crafted new crafts and adventured on the ropes course. After our morning classes campers have thirty minutes of free time to shower, take out boats or go fishing before cookee bell rang. For lunch we had pork chops, mashed potatoes, carrots and sorbet for dessert. Following lunch campers had the opportunity to go to store, where they can get once piece of candy, and postage to write letters during rest hour. Once rest hour was over campers headed down to the waterfront for general swim and fourth period classes.

After fourth period campers had the opportunity to jump off the tower, take out paddle boards, do yoga or play Gaga ball. Before dinner we circled up around the flag pole for cabin inspection results and to take down the flag. For dinner we had hamburgers, carrots, chips and vanilla cake for dessert.

Tonight for evening program campers headed up to the a field for a game of capture the flag for evening program.

1st Girls - Day 5

We had the perfect weather today! It was sunny, not humid at all, with a slight breeze to keep us cool.

During our morning classes campers worked on their strokes during swimming. We are gearing them up for tomorrow as during morning swim classes Levels 5 and 6 will be completing our “Butterfly Bootcamp”! The Butterfly is a notoriously difficult stroke with a particular cadence, so we like to break it down over the course of one or two days to help campers get the hang of it. We pull out all of the stops: flippers, pull buoys, and even some demonstrations from our seasoned swim teachers. By the end of this weekend, all of the campers will have perfected it!

For lunch campers tried meatloaf! Sue makes it with extra ketchup and the campers always love it. With their stomachs full, campers retreated to their cabins for Rest Hour. Afterwards, everyone checked in for General Swim. Most of the campers stayed in for the full time because the weather was so nice and the water was super refreshing. Afterwards, campers went to their last class of the day. If they chose to go to nature, campers had the opportunity to paint and decorate bird houses! Tomorrow they will go hang them around camp in hopes of providing a nice home for our neighbors.

This evening’s dinner was chicken melts, applesauce and carrots. Now campers are up at the A-Field playing evening program. Tonight’s game is '“King Dodge”, a camp variation of dodgeball. We cannot believe that tomorrow marks the end of the first week! Time has been flying by this session.

1st Girls ~ Day 4

Here comes the sun! After a little bit of a rainy stint the sun came out and gave us some amazing weather and made the day easy to enjoy. For breakfast we had blueberry bread (a camp favorite) with our usual variety of cereals. In no time at all we were out and busy with our morning classes.

The girls enjoyed the option of Nature Class first period where we were able to go out and learn about the ecosystems around camp! Everyone also loved every second of being in the water for swimming and boating classes, as a splendid breeze kept the camp feeling nice and cool on the hot and sunny day.

With a chicken finger lunch all of camp was ready to take a little time for themselves with our rest hour, and proceed with fourth and activity period after our General Swim. Currently everyone is back in the upper lodge to hear a special message from Marcella A. MacDonald, a highly accomplished swimmer to say the least. Marcella has undertaken swimming adventures including in the English Channel (16 times!!!), Manhattan, Jersey England, and many more. She will be talking about motivating to accomplish what you set your mind to, female empowerment, and more great topics that everyone is looking forward to, we are very fortunate to be hearing from her! Afterwards we will be heading to the A Field for an abbreviated Evening Program to get some energy out before bed.

It looks like we are in clear with blue skies in the forecast for the week ahead, we can’t wait to enjoy every minute of life at Asto Wamah!

Until next time, Dan

1st girls- day 3

This morning we were woken up with some chilly weather and a lot of rain which was a huge difference after the scorching hot weekend we just had. For breakfast we had chocolate chip bread, oatmeal, cereal, and bananas. After breakfast campers headed back to their cabins for cabin cleanup and camp duties before their morning classes.

Todays classes were a little different because it was raining all morning and campers could not go in the water or on the field. For swimming campers played scattagories with their swim classes against the other swimming levels. In sports class campers played a camp special, Roll or Die, a game created by a staff member. In boating classes campers played Small Craft Jeopary, which is an interactive way for campers to get to know fun facts about camp and all of the boats we have.

For lunch we enjoyed ravioli, baguetts, salad and pears for dessert. After lunch campers headed back to their cabins for rest hour which is a time for campers to get some rest, work on art projects and it is a good time for our book worms to catch up on their summer reading. Following rest hour campers had the option to go in the water for a general swim, play Gaga ball or other games around the lodge since it stopped raining, but it was still chilly. After general swim lakeside got to go out in the boats for fourth period, seniors had arts and crafts and Hilltop headed back up into the lodge for another intense round of Roll or Die.

Today for activity period campers had the options of getting their hair braided, learning how to make a friendship bracelet, or play board games in the lodge. For dinner we enjoyed grilled cheese and tomato soup, and a personal favorite of mine for dessert, cheesecake. Following dinner campers headed up to the field for evening program. Tonight we played Garbage Collector, a combination of basket ball and handball with ten balls, 100 players and two baskets.