Sunday July 12th

Today we had a break in our usual schedule to have a camp favorite- Track and Field Day! It was a day full of running, jumping, and great enthusiasm from all! After a breakfast of french toast, and everyone cleaning their cabins, we all headed up to the A Field. The whole camp was split into Green and White teams with captains chosen from each of the three cabins sections (hilltop, lakeside, seniors). Green and White teams compete against each other within their cabin sections to earn points for their teams. At the end of the day we will tally up all of the points earned  and announce the winner in our end of the session newsletter, The BirchBarker.

We have 4 events this morning to compete in- running long jump, standing long jump, softball throw, and the 50 yard dash. The cabin sections rotated through the first three events and then we had semi finals and finals of the 50 yard dash. The top three placements were awarded points for their respective teams. The boys all cheered each other on, and were super excited when counselors showed off their own track and field skills.

After so much running on the field, we had a short general swim before lunch- ham and noodles. Our next event of the day was the marathon. The marathon was optional, as it is a longer distance than some are used to, running the perimeter of camp.

The main event of the day was the Indian War Relay. In the relay the whole camp participates as two teams all throughout camp. Runners start at the top of the camp road and pass a baton to the next runners until the runners reach the dock and hand it off to swimmers. Select swimmers are chosen to swim from main dock to white raft, then to grey raft and then they hand it off to boaters. There are two sets of rowboats that then hand it off to two sets of canoes. The last set of canoes then hand it back to runners over near Hungerford, who then run through camp and to hand it off to the senior swimmers. The senior swimming have the longest to swim, about 50 meters. The Green team won the Indian War Relay today!

We had another general swim and then some kids chose to participate in swim races to earn their team a few more points. Dinner was grilled cheese and tomato soup with Green and White cake for dessert. Tonight's evening program is Pirates, and hopefully we will have time for quick dip before bed.

The LT's have returned from their day off and are well rested to continue all of their training to become great counselors. We will have the trivia answer tomorrow! Stay tuned.