July 13th

Happy Monday! Today, we resumed our normal schedule after yesterday's Track Meet festivities. Breakfast this morning was blueberry bread with cereal and oatmeal. Campers went to their morning classes as usual; everyone is making great strides in their boating and swimming classes. Most campers played handball in sports class and made geckos and friendship bracelets in arts and crafts. Lunch was meatloaf served with mashed potatoes and corn and fruit ice pops for dessert. It was  quite humid this afternoon, so we ended rest hour a few minutes early so we could get in a longer General Swim. It was a beautifully sunny afternoon to be in the water.

Activity period offerings included the usuals like jumping off the tower and soccer on the A Field. There was also a diving competition off of Main Dock and Kan Jam by the flagpole. A lucky group of campers got a chance to sail on the Hunter. Dinner this evening was pulled pork sandwiches with chips and applesauce and peach crisp for dessert.

Tonight, the campers are back on the A Field playing "Lightning" which is another type of camp-wide dodgeball game. Like always, we will have a quick dip and evening snack afterwards.

LT Trivia Saturday's answer: Daredevil got his powers when he lost his sight

LT Trivia today's question: What is Deadpool's real name?