July 9th

This morning started off with english muffins, hot oatmeal and cereal for breakfast. Unfortunately, the sun did not do much shining today, but the rain has held off. We were able to hold a normal schedule all day. Lunch was Swedish meatballs with noodles corn with cherry pie turnovers for dessert. After rest hour, we decided it was a bit too chilly for everyone to enjoy a general swim. Instead, we all gathered on the A Field for a game of non-stop cricket. The camp was split up into two teams and each camper took a turn at bat. It's a fast moving game that gets everyone cheering for  each other!

Activity period offerings this afternoon were ultimate frisbee, nuke 'em, jumping off the tower, can jam and paddle boarding. Badminton has also become a regular activity for the boys. We put up the net a few days ago by the flagpole and there always seems to be a group of boys keeping the game going.

Tonight's dinner is my favorite meal - chicken patty sandwiches. Dessert is usually a surprise so I am not sure what we will be having tonight. Evening program tonight is a special treat. We will be having the Second Annual Boys Camp Talent Show! Most campers will be participating in some way. It is not required to be part of an act, but all the boys have been encouraged to get involved. Some will be performing a skit or talent with their cabin and others will perform solo or in a small group. It should make for a very entertaining evening!

Yesterday's LT trivia answer: Kal-El (Superman's real name)

Today's LT trivia question: What is Batman's special power?