July 8th

This morning started off with a camp tradition for breakfast- waffles and peanut butter. Cabins were cleaned and campers went off to their first three classes. Boating classes are coming along nicely, all of the boys are practicing their rowing and canoeing skills while sailors are learning to read the wind. Boys are learning to sew in Arts and Crafts with Maddy, so expect to see some pillow coming home! Lunch today was chicken tenders and rice, with vanilla pudding for dessert. We had some bad weather today right after lunch, but luckily all of the boys were in their cabins for rest hour. General swim and fourth period went on as scheduled. Activities offered today included: fishing, the tower, paddle boarding, Kan Jam, and a counselor taught the rules of Rugby!

Every Wednesday and Saturday, the kitchen staff have their day off starting after lunch so dinner tonight is what we call "Eat Out". Today we took orders for sandwiches and each cabin chose a spot around camp to have a picnic, complete with bug juice, nectarines, and cookies. Most cabins sat on the docks to enjoy a breeze while they ate. Evening program tonight was "Murder by Night" (a game similar to clue) where LT's lead groups of campers around to counselors trying find alibis that matched up to reveal the killer. Now the boys are getting ready for bed and everyone seems to be in full camp swing.

LT Trivia from last night: Wolverine, Cyclops, Ice Man, Phoenix, Rogue, Magneto (Answers Varied)

LT Trivia today: What is Superman's birth name?

In other (very exciting!) news, we have created a camp Instagram! Follow us @campastowamah for pictures around camp, favorite meals, and updates throughout the session!