July 7th

We're having so much fun at camp! Today started off with blueberry bread for breakfast and then everyone headed back to their cabins to clean up and get ready for classes. Everyone enjoyed the first three classes of the day in the sun. Sailing classes were especially exciting as it was the first day going out and the wind was amazing! Lunch today was ziti, baguettes, and salad with peaches and pears for dessert. After rest hour and general swim, we had a special treat. Each session we have a guest program come and today Bwana Iguana came to educate us about reptiles. He brought a tortoise, a blue tongued skink, a friendly snapping turtle named Shelly, a corn snake, and a boa constrictor that all the campers got to pet!

After the program we went to fourth period and then it was time for flag lowering and dinner. On the menu tonight was Philly Cheese Steaks for dinner and cheese cake for dessert. Campers are now getting ready for tonight's evening program- Spies and Smugglers.

The LT's announced the trivia answer from yesterday and the new question for today. The answer from last nights was Loki (Thor's evil brother). Today's question is "Name 5 X-Men."

Stay tuned for more updates on the Birch Blog!


Maddy and Colleen, The Huts