July 10th

Today's breakfast was cinnamon bread and oatmeal as an option. Classes were great today, and everyone was excited to go swimming in the beautiful lake. Lunch today was ravioli with jello for dessert. During rest hour the LT's have been working hard in the water on their lifeguard training while all of the other campers rest quietly in their bunks.

Activities offered during activity period included the tower, ultimate frisbee, Nuke Em, paddle boards, and the Hunter. The Hunter is our large sailboat that any camper can sign up to go on. Whenever the wind is strong enough, a counselor will call out names to go out on the lake with about 7 campers.

Dinner was tacos and apple crisp for dessert. The boys are all outside playing right now before evening program. King Dodge is on the agenda tonight- another dodgeball game that everyone participates in.

Today some the counselors tested out camp's new toy...A GoPro! We can't wait to bring it around to all of the activities at camp. Hopefully we can get some cool footage throughout the session.

LT Trivia answer from yesterday: Trick Question! Batman has no hidden super powers

LT Trivia today: Name 5 of Spiderman's villains.