Boys Camp

This morning began with an english muffin breakfast, with cereal offered in conjunction! Cabin clean-up went off without a hitch because the campers are starting to get used the routine! A few cabins were so clean the competition almost ended in a 3 way tie! 

It was another great day for morning classes and a few lucky swimmers were able to pass their classes early and move up to the next level which is always very exciting! Sailing classes finally had some good wind on the lake, so they were able to really learn how to handle the sunfish today. Sports class offered kickball, handball and soccer and campers got to vote on the one they wanted to play. Kickball was a strong winner!

Our lunch for the day was baked ziti followed by a dessert made from scratch by Amanda, one of our kitchen staff who has been attending culinary school. She made chocolate banana cake with a banana glaze, and it was well received by the campers! We had tacos for dinner with lemon bars offered for dessert. 

Everyone is getting excited to play king dodge for evening program tonight and it is sure to be a favorite. The quick dip afterwards will give campers a chance to cool down before bedtime. We are looking forward to a great weekend ahead of us!

-Shannon and Sloane