Rainy Day

Although we woke up to a bit of rain this morning, we were still able to keep busy and have fun! This morning was practically perfect because we were able to sleep in a little AND we had waffles and peanut butter for breakfast! Cabin cleanup proved to be difficult due to the mud being tracked into the cabins, but campers worked diligently to keep things clean.

The morning started with swimmers in the water, but as the rain picked up, the rest of the periods had to be held indoors for their classes. Sports played Play-Doh Pictionary, and small craft offered various board and card games. Swimmers tested their knowledge with a competitive game of Scattergories.

Campers enjoyed chicken parmesan before heading to the cabins for an extended rest hour. Fourth period boating classes got to go out right as the rain cleared, and was followed by a sunny activity period!

Tonight's evening program, "Murder by Night", is a murder mystery game where the counselors give clues to uncover the murderer behind a fake Wamah death. It's a goofy game that we know the campers will have a lot of fun with!

-Shannon and Sloane