July 8th, 2017

We were happy to welcome the sunshine today after the long, rainy day we had yesterday! This morning started with chocolate chip bread and the campers couldn't have been more excited. Classes were very active today. Sports classes got to play football, arts and crafts continued to work on their projects, and small craft had a great day on the water. 

Lunch today was lasagna followed by butterscotch pudding for dessert. Rest hour was particularly quiet, but when the second general swim started the campers had high energy and were ready to swim! 

For activity period the campers had a choice between jumping off the tower, playing gaga ball, fishing, taking a ride on the Hunter, playing soccer, or writing articles for the birch barker. 

Tonight for evening program we have 2 options lined up depending on the weather. If there is no rain, we will be playing a game called step it up. If it rains we will be playing reverse scavenger hunt. The campers were split into their green and white teams for track meet, and tonight's game will be their first opportunity to score points for their team!

We hope they get a good night's rest tonight because tomorrow is track meet, the most active day of the session! They need high energy to cheer on their team and earn the most points!


-Shannon and Sloane