What a day we have had! With the weather beautiful yet again, our cookees head up at cookee bell to set the tables for breakfast. Today we had cornbread and cereal. There was oatmeal offered for those who needed to warm up a bit, although we can't imagine many people needed to warm up! 

Campers headed back to clean their cabins and get ready for first period. During sports class the campers had a choice to play a few games which was exciting for them. Everyone was excited for swimming and boating because it meant that they could be in the sun and water! 

Cookee bell came quickly again! The campers raced to set their tables so they could enjoy a tasty dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes with corn on the side. After cleaning up the tables a bit, the campers were even more excited to find out that they were going to be having chocolate pudding for dessert. 

Rest hour came and went and everyone got in the water for general swim. They rushed off to fourth period in hopes that activity period would come quickly. The campers enjoyed tower jumping, aquarium games, gaga, and a few lucky campers were able to go paddle boarding and on the Hunter. The Hunter is the biggest sailboat here at camp. It can hold 6 campers and 2 staff making for a super fun time! 

Tonight's supper was a bit different. Our kitchen had the night off so each cabin wrote down sandwiches that they would want. We made each camper and staff a sandwich and they headed out with their cabins to a different place in camp to eat. 

Tonight's evening program game is "Pirates"! The campers love this game but this year it is a bit different. They campers will have to go around to counsellors and find "keys" to unlock a treasure chest. The chest will have a map that will tell them were the treasure is hidden. 

We are hoping for a lot of participation and enthusiasm from the campers!!

~Allissa and Sloane