Asto Wamah's September Update


For weeks now, we have said, “where did summer go?”  This summer, although hot, was perfect for living and playing outside day after day.  We luckily had enough rain to keep the dust down and rarely had to cancel or change our regular program, as you could have counted the number of thunderstorms on one hand.  The lake got warmer during the summer, but never so warm that it was not refreshing.  So without question, Mother Nature was good to us! 

The “End of the Session” camper evaluations have painted a happy picture of Asto Wamah as a place where respect for each person, the environment, and the facility is the norm.  We continue to foster the expectation that everyone will make new friends and be part of an inclusive community. Repeatedly, challenges were met and new skills and attitudes expanded.  Trying new things, whether in the dining room or program areas, was frequently reported by campers of all ages.  Amazingly, there was success in adapting to life without a cell phone! Many campers reported “it was like being on vacation.”  The freedom of being disconnected was a powerful and positive lesson.  This list could go on and on.  The lessons learned cannot be replicated in the ‘real’ world.

We are grateful for the families who chose Asto Wamah for their child’s camping experience this summer. We are truly thankful for the staff whose leadership skills and devotion to CAW provided this incredible experience for the 300+ children who attended during this 110th season.  Thank you all!

Surely you have all returned to school or work by now.  Hope the new year has gotten off to a terrific start and you have brought with you all the awesome social skills that are embedded in CAW’s motto: Remember the Other Fellow.

Our best to you,
Catherine, Jen, Chris and Nancy

P.S. We have recently had so many requests for tours of camp that we have decided to offer a Fall Open Camp Day on Saturday, October 12th between 2:00 and 4:00 pm. We will work to gather staff, LTs, and campers in the area to give tours. A reminder email blast will be sent out soon, so if you would like to stay up-to-date, don’t forget to create an ultracamp account through the camp website!

June Update

May was a very busy month at CAW.  The LTs began the month taking a CPR course. This is a requirement for Lifeguard Training and a skill all the Asto Wamah staff have.  At the end of the month we held Open Camp Day to give new campers a glimpse of what the campsite is like.  Both ‘old’ campers and staff led tours for the new campers and their families.  Our tour guides also spent time talking about the program at Asto Wamah and answering questions.  It was a beautiful day and everyone appeared to have had a great time.  There was lots of excitement and anticipation in the air! 

 It is hard to believe that in one month Coed camp will have started!!  

We are anxiously looking forward to the arrival of our 40 girl campers and 47 boys on June 30th.  Each day we are getting closer to being COMPLETELY ready.  We still need to get out all the sports, archery, crafts and swimming/rescue equipment. The rafts will need to be floated into their proper places in the lake. Clotheslines need to be hung and each cabin needs to get its final cleaning.  Of course the food needs to be ordered!

Prior to the 30th, the entire staff will spend 4 days in Staff Training preparing for the 7 weeks ahead.  This is a very important part of the season.  It is a time of sharing, learning, playing and bonding.  The staff works as a team so team building is a focus.

You are all surely getting to the end of your school year.  We hope it has been a success and you are counting the days until you will be at camp.  We are too!

Watch for the next BLOG on June 30th. From that time on you can expect to read a daily accounting of life at Asto Wamah!  Stay tuned.

Can’t wait!

Catherine, Chris, Jen and Nancy

May Update

Welcome to Asto Wamah’s May BLOG!

Hope this new month finds you well and happy! 

 We have just survived a VERY wet April at Asto Wamah.  Because of the record-breaking rain, Columbia Lake is now FULL.  It is very unusual for this to happen so early in the year but we are not complaining.  A full lake will result in lots of fun in and on the water.

Saturday, April 27 was our traditional Spring Work Day at Asto Wamah.  Thirty-five energetic volunteers spent the morning raking, stacking brush, cleaning cabins, washing dishes, and in general, getting camp ready for the 2019 season.  Camp looks great and is well on its way to being prepared for the first campers to arrive on June 30. THANK YOU to all who participated!  The improvement is obvious!  Your help is sincerely appreciated! 

Hope you have all marked your calendars for our May 25th Open Camp Day.  This is an opportunity for new families to visit camp that Saturday between 3 and 5 pm and have a tour of the grounds.  Counselors and returning campers will be present to show you around and answer questions.  We are all looking forward to meeting first-year campers and their families!

There are still a few places open in Boys’ camp and Second Girls’.  If you know someone who may be interested, please spread the word. We are close to having a full camp and your help is always appreciated.  Thank you!

We trust you are as excited about the upcoming Asto Wamah season as we are.  The staff has been hired and they are exceptional!  They have all been a part of Asto Wamah as campers or LTs in the past.  All are enthusiastic and focused on providing the 2019 campers with an awesome Asto Wamah camping experience!  Only 2 months to go!

 Catherine, Chris, Jen and Nancy

April Update

Greetings to ALL Asto Wamah followers,

The April Blog should be filled with images from camp, but unfortunately I waited too long and lost the opportunity for sunny, bright pictures. During the first week of April, I will be sure to take pictures that will give you an idea of the changes that are transforming camp from bleak and stark to full of new life.  Stay tuned!

There is finally a buzz of activity here.  The snow is gone and the lake is free of ice.  The winter seemed to hold on a bit too long, but I believe we are now on the path to warmer times. We are at the time of year that will bring camp back to its recognizable, summer-like look. Many tasks are underway. One of the major jobs at Asto Wamah each spring is turning on the water.  Our water pipes are on the ground’s surface so they need to be drained each fall to avoid having them freeze and break during the winter.  

The last Saturday of April is always our Spring Clean-up Day. Volunteers come to camp and rake leaves, clean up fallen branches, wash windows, clean the cobwebs out of the buildings, and spruce up the cabins. In general, we prepare Asto Wamah for the new season.  We start working at 9:00am and end with lunch at noon.  There is a lot to be accomplished and many hands make the jobs easier.  If you are interested in helping, email Nancy through the CONTACT page on the website – that way there will be enough food.  We work RAIN or SHINE. (Come prepared!!)

This is an exciting time for camp!  We are ordering new fun activities and equipment as well as upgrading programming supplies.  The A-Field has weathered the snow and heavy rainstorms and is now green, level, and waiting for the FUN.  We are filled with anticipation for the new camping season on the horizon.

Asto Wamah’s staff is looking forward to your time at camp.  There are a few spots still open for campers (coed is the only session with a waiting list). If you have a friend or relative that may be interested, SPREAD THE WORD!

Wishing you a terrific April!!

Jen, Catherine, Chris, and Nancy

February Camp Updates

Dear Asto Wamah Followers,

Welcome to a new month!

February is the month of enrollment at Asto Wamah.  Beginning on Friday the 1st, registrations come in and the season officially begins!  We cannot wait!

Because camp looks so different in the winter, I am sending 2 photos that will make the difference between summer and winter clearer. Both pictures were taken on January 28th from the Little Dipper Dock.  The first is looking toward the Main Dock.  You can see that the water has been drawn down leaving a lot of sandy bottom and rocks exposed.  In the foreground you can see the anchors for the White Raft sitting atop the raft, then the Pollywog Dock. Beyond that is the Gray Raft which is hard to make out, then the floating dock and finally the Main Dock.  The rafts are floated into shore at the end of the summer to keep them safe during the winter.

Picture #2 is looking the other way, toward Hungerford and the Icky Water Bridge. I hope you can make out Cabins 7 and 8 on the right side and a slight glimpse of the White Cottage and the Tool Shed in the background.  The most interesting aspect of this picture is the rocks.  They cover the shore.  Aren’t we lucky that we swim in another area?  Can you see the ice?  I would guess the ice-fishermen and skaters will soon be out enjoying those winter sports.

Thanks to all of you who have ‘spread the word’ to friends, relatives, neighbors and others who may be interested in an Asto Wamah experience.  You are our best form of advertising and we appreciate all your efforts to introduce new people to CAW!  Thank you.

Stay well and happy!


November Update

Greetings to all CAW BIRCH BLOG Followers, 

Welcome to November and Eastern Standard Time.  We trust you are happily embracing the arrival of cold and snowy weather.  At this point it seems that those bone-burning days of summer are a distant memory.  Today the camp road is covered with a blanket of leaves, the lake has been drawn down to its winter level and the woods are thinner, more open.

As was noted in the last blog, the A-Field has been leveled, graded, de-rocked and seeded.  We are now seeing a lot of green on this new flat playing field.  The picture does not do credit to the wonderful improvement.  It doesn’t look like the same place.  You will be amazed when you see it!


We are well into the planning stage for the 2019 CAW season.  The biggest hurdle has been to decide on: THE START DATE. You may remember that last summer many schools were not out until quite late in June.  That meant some of our ‘teaching’ staff did not finish until after staff training was over.  With that memory clear in our minds, it has been decided that coed will begin a week later that usual.  So coed will go from June 30 to July 6. The boys’ session will go from July 7 to 20.  First girls will go from July 21 to August 3 and second girls will finish the season from August 4 to August 17.  A postcard will be sent to you shortly with all this information. 

For the past 2 years Mother Nature have kept us from having our traditional Camp Reunion.  We will try again on Jan 5, 2019.  Save the date and we will be sending you more details via email very soon.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather so that you can all come and enjoy an afternoon of games, fun and reconnecting with camp friends. 

As in the past, we ask that you help us spread the word about Asto Wamah!  YOU are our sole means of advertising.  Introduce your friends, neighbors, relatives, and everyone you know to the Asto Wamah experience.  Direct anyone who is interested to visit our website: and set-up an account with Ultra Camp.  That will allow them to access the latest news and information about camp and be prepared when enrollment opens on Feb. 1.  If anyone would like to ask questions or learn more they can call Nancy, evenings, at 860-649-8614. 

Enjoy November!!  It is the month of Thankfulness!  Show Gratitude!


Jen, Catherine, Chris and Nancy

October Update

Welcome to fall,

            We are now officially in the fall season with Halloween right around the corner.  Hope all is going well for you!

            Life at Asto Wamah at this time of year is usually very quiet; however, this year has been a bit different.  As you may remember, the basketball court was resurfaced in June to replace the old, broken up one.  Well, now the entire A-field has been dug up!  There will be no more holes, rocks, or bumps.  The field has been graded so that it is now smooth and flat. Grass seeds have been planted and by mid-June, the A-field will be green and lush. The logs have been raised so seating is more comfortable and not so close to the dirt.  Both the running long jump and standing jump areas are now clearly defined with wooden frames and will provide us with more of a “regulation” area for our Track Meet during two-week sessions.  We will post pictures in the next Blog.  We use the A-Field so many hours each day and for many different activities.  We look forward to this improvement and think you will enjoy it!

            Between Hurricane Florence and last Tuesday’s 8 inches of rain, Columbia Lake is overflowing.  The dam is now open to allow the excess water to run off.  At this point, it appears that there will be no worry that the lake will be low next summer.

            In October, information about the dates and fees for the 2019 season will be announced.  STAY TUNED!

            Hope your memories of the past summer are still vivid and make you smile!

Our best to you all,

Catherine, Chris, Jen, and Nancy

September Update

Dear Asto Wamah Blog Followers,

This is the first of the off-season blogs since the end of camp on August 11th.

My intent is to update you with information about Asto Wamah so that you can know what is going on during the ‘quiet’ season.

To begin with, we hope you are well, have enjoyed this wet and hot summer, and are now ready to begin a new school year with energy and determination.

Camp is very quiet and peaceful.  Major activities include the squirrels and chipmunks running about.  The latest change is that the canoes and sailboats are packed away in the Activity Room, the rowboats are lined up on the logs where you are used to seeing the canoes, and both rafts are now in winter mooring next to Polywog dock (grey raft) and Little Dipper (white raft).  Columbia Lake is strangely empty off Main Dock.  The cabins are all locked and the clotheslines have been put away.  The Gaga Pit and tetherballs are the only evidence of past fun and laughter.

Now that our contact information for campers and parents is managed through UltraCamp, there will be some changes in the way we communicate.  Moving forward, you will be notified of important information via email, which means it is necessary to have an account in UltraCamp.  If you came to camp this summer you are all set.  However, if you have a friend or relative who is interested in getting news and updates, please encourage them to go to create an online account using the Log Into/Create An Account link on the  Camp Asto Wamah website menu bar or by using the following link, UltraCamp/Camp Asto Wamah.  We would greatly appreciate if you would kindly spread the word.

May Update

Greetings to all Asto Wamah Fans,

Although the temperature has not yet been too spring-like, the woods are bursting with new green growth so I have to assume that warm days will be here soon.  If you doubted the arrival of spring, you should see the area beyond the Icky-Water Bridge. The stream is flowing high through a plush green carpet of skunk cabbage and the bright yellow flowers of marsh marigolds.  It is an undeniable sign of spring on Columbia Lake.

Last Saturday, Asto Wamah was fortunate to have about 40 hard working volunteers (including 5 staff member!) rake mountains of leaves, clean the winter debris from each cabin and building, wash all the dishes and pots and pans - all in an effort to make sure camp is ready and welcoming for this new season.  

On Saturday, May 26th from 3:00 to 5:00 we will be holding our annual Open Camp Day where new Asto Wamah families come to visit camp. Present and former staff and LTs take groups on tours and explain our program and answer questions as they walk.  There are refreshments in the Lodge where people gather to learn more about CAW.  Everyone is invited!  Hope you can be a part of this enthusiastic group.

For the next 7 weeks we will be holding several trainings for our staff to make sure everyone is prepared and qualified for the amazing and challenging job ahead.  Additionally, delivery trucks arrive daily with equipment/supplies we will use in programming and throughout each camp day.  Plans are being made for some new and engaging activities.  Nature will be front and center - fun along with instructive.

Hope you will be a part of this, our 109th season!

With great anticipation,

April Update

Greetings All Asto Wamah Fans,

Hope the start of spring finds you all well and excited to welcome in the new season.  It surely means that Asto Wamah is getting nearer which is a wonderful thing!

March was a difficult month at camp.  The wind took down a good number of large branches and many small twigs.  Cleaning up the woods has taken a lot of time and effort but we are not complaining because there was no damage to buildings, docks etc.   Now with the arrival of warmer temperatures and with most of the snow melted we are gearing up to turn on the water and get the facility up and running.

April is the month when lots of cleaning and sprucing up takes place.  On Saturday, April 28th from 9 to noon we have our annual Work Day where leaves are raked and removed, cabins are cleaned, the bathrooms are readied for use and the infirmary and Hungerford are opened and organized.  We usually have lots of help and by noon the place looks awesome. It you would like to come and help we would be delighted.  There are all kinds of tasks that need willing workers. Everything is completed by 12:00 at which time lunch is served.  Call or email me to let me know that you are coming so we have plenty of food.

As I indicated in March, 2018’s registration has been like none from the past.   Each session filled in record-breaking time and all the waiting lists are LONG.  I attribute this success to all of you (and your mothers) who have been spreading the word about the value of an Asto Wamah experience.  We are very appreciative of the excitement your ‘word of mouth’ has generated. Thank you!

Last month I reminded you about Open Camp Day that will be held on May 26th from 3 to 5.  This is a wonderful time for first year campers to see the campsite and learn about our program and activities.  Staff and old campers will be present to give tours and meet new camp families.  If you know a first year campers that might be interested in visiting on the 26th please let them know.  Everyone is welcomed.

During April we continue to make programming decisions.  We’d like to focus on healthful choices for maintaining wellness.  Our plan is to have a yoga instructor and a marshal arts instructor offer opportunities to campers and staff.  We hope to have our Basketball/Newcomb Ball court replaced by the time of your arrival.  It will be nice to have one without cracks!

Wishing you a great month ahead as we get closer to the 2018 camping season.

Think camp!

Catherine, Chris, Jen and Nancy

March Update

March 2018

Dear Friends of Asto Wamah,

Thank you for tuning in to get the monthly update!

February has always been a hectic month at camp with the opening of registration for the new season.  This year however broke all records.  For the first time ever we went to an online registration.  Within 4 days, 160 campers had registered!  By the end of the month all sessions were close to being full and some have a waiting list.  I have to admit that I could never have predicted how quickly the registration would go.

If you are on a waiting list and would like to know where you stand, please email me and I will attempt to give you an idea of your chances.  Every summer we are able to move campers from the waiting list to fully registered.  It just takes time and you need to be patient.

Staff contracts are soon being sent to 81 individuals who have expressed interest in working at camp this summer.  One hundred percent of the staff are returning from last year’s staff or from the 2017 LT program.  They will bring with them the enthusiasm and dedication that the CAW staff is famous for.  This summer is going to include some new programming ideas specially designed to engage and inform the entire camp community.  More on that in future months.

This winter’s ice is now totally off Columbia Lake.  The water is beginning to rise and lap at the supports at the end of the main dock.  These are the signs of the approach of spring.  And then there is summer:)

I am hopeful that you are healthy, happy and thinking about Asto Wamah and summer fun!

Take care,
Nancy Maclean

P.S. Save the date: May 26, 2018 Open Camp Day!  Details to come.

February Update

Dear Asto Wamah Followers,

We are now entering an exciting time of the year for Asto Wamah.  February is when registration begins and we look forward to the return of ‘old’ campers and the anticipation of new campers.  Program supplies and equipment are being ordered and new adventures in programming are being planned.  2018 will be an awesome summer!

This season’s registration will be done online for the first time in the camp’s history.  When you go to the camp’s website ( you will find a link to the 2018 Registration.  Hopefully this process will be easy to navigate and less cumbersome than the old paper and pen method.

When it comes to health forms, we are hoping that you will be able to successfully download the forms and then return them digitally or you can always send then via Fax (860-327-5618) or mail to Camp Asto Wamah 42 Rt. 87, Columbia, CT 06237.  The Exam Record will need to be signed by the pediatrician and cannot be over 2 years old.  The Authorization for the Administration of Medication is only required if you are bringing medication(s) to camp with you. The signatures of the prescribing physician and the parent are needed.  A new form is needed for each medication brought.  The software program will be able to collect these forms digitally and you will be able to check to verify that your forms are all in.

We strive to facilitate a smooth check-in process.  On arrival day there will be 2 lines – those without medications and those with medications.  It is helpful when forms arrive early so issues/problems can be addressed before check-in.

For all of you who have told friends and school mates etc. about Asto Wamah THANK YOU!  You are our best form of advertisement!

Thinking about you and dreaming about warm days and friends at CAW:)

All best,
Nancy Maclean, Camp Administrator

P.S.  It was a great disappointment to the staff and many campers that the Camp Reunion planned for January 6th had to be cancelled.  We have no control over Mother Nature.  Hopefully next January’s event will be a go!

January Update

Happy New Year from Camp Asto Wamah!

Wishing you and yours a New Year filled with good friends and family, health and happiness, and time to appreciate it all!

This is an exciting time as the camp year is about to officially begin.  Within a week, everyone on our mailing list will be receiving our newly formatted ‘brochure’.  The brochure looks more like a big postcard and contains only the essential details of the upcoming season.  Its purpose is to direct those interested in attending camp to the online registration process (please note: registration does not open until February 1st). We are hoping you will find this modern method easier and less cumbersome than the previous method used for the last 107 years. This process is new and there may be snags. Please be patient and email or call if you have a problem.

Plans and preparations for the summer of 2018 are well underway.  The old-time favorites will be back along with some exciting additions to the program that we know you will like.  Remember: if you haven’t “spread the word”, there is still time.  We count on you!

Right now, Asto Wamah is in the middle of a deep freeze. I have included two pictures that may surprise you.  One is taken from the flagpole and the other gives you a view of what the lake looks like at its winter level.  The White Raft rides out the winter in the sailing area so it isn’t broken apart by the moving ice.  More pictures will accompany the February Blog.

It is just about a week until the Camp Reunion.  The date is Saturday, January 6th from 1:00 to 3:00 at Center Church House, 60 Gold Street in Hartford.  The Church House is located one block west of the Wadsworth Atheneum and at the edge of Bushnell Park (near the ice skating area).  Staff from camp will be on the sidewalk of Gold Street to welcome you.  Parking in the area barely exists so we will be vigilant taking you from your parent’s car and returning you back at 3:00.           

Hope you can come!  We will be playing games, eating ice cream, and reconnecting with summer friends.  It is always fun!  (If you have not made a reservation come anyway!)

Stay warm and well.  Summer is on its way!


December Update

Welcome to the December Asto Wamah Update!

Quite a bit has changed at camp during the past month.  Most noticeably, the lake has been drained to its winter level, which means there is a lot of lakebed that is presently dry.  Draining the lake protects docks from ice damage during the winter.  This practice also results in a cleaner and clearer lake, making Columbia Lake one of the best in CT!

We are continuously working on the D.C., repairing and replacing those parts that are no longer functioning as intended.  Tree thinning and clean up is never-ending in this environment and the unusually good weather has been helpful.  Outdoor work is a priority as we try to beat the snow that can restrict our ability to complete certain projects.

We have also been focused on working with UltraCamp, a software company that will help us manage registration in 2018.  Those individuals on our mailing list will be receiving the newly designed 2018 brochure/postcard in early January; information on the registration process will be included.  As always, registration will follow our first come, first served policy.  We hope that parents will find this online method much easier.  Do not hesitate to contact us at 860-649-8614 if you have any questions.

We are hoping to see many of you on Saturday, January 6th at the Camp Reunion!  It is a great time to reconnect with summer friends, play games, have dessert, and enjoy time together.  The Reunion will be held at Center Church House, 60 Gold Street, Hartford, CT from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.  The Church House is a block from Main Street and is located between Bushnell Park and the Wadsworth Atheneum.  A familiar face will greet you at the curb (so parents don’t have to find a parking space) and see you into the building.  Gold Street underwent major changes in the past year and there are now only about 7 parking spots.  On-street parking in the surrounding area is free for those wanting to stay until 3:00.  Most parents do not attend the Reunion but you may join if you would like.  At the end of the reunion, we will make sure your child connects with you outside. Watch for an invitation via email within the next few days.  Don’t forget to RSVP!

The mailing list for 2018 is growing. This is the best time to send addresses for friends, relatives, schoolmates, and anyone else who may be interested in attending camp this summer.  Remember: we count on you to spread the word!!


Jen, Catherine, Chris, and Nancy

November Update

Greetings Asto Wamah Blog Followers,

Hope October was a terrific month for you!

I trust you have found the photos from this past summer that are now posted on the website in the Photo Gallery.  Hope they remind you of the fun you had and the friends you made!

November has arrived quickly in Columbia.  Leaves are covering the paths and filling the Gaga Pit.   They are not as colorful as they have been in the past, but they do make a lovely ground cover.  On Nov. 1st, the dam on Columbia Lake will be opened starting the 2-week process of draining the lake down 6-8 feet. Once it is at its winter low, the aquarium will be dry and you will almost be able to walk around the front of the main dock.  I will send pictures with the December Blog.

The dates and fees for 2018 have been finalized.  A postcard with this information will be sent soon to each family on the mailing list. Here are the details:        

  1. June 24 to June 30 coed, ages 8 to 12
  2. July 1 to July 14 all boys, ages 8 to 14
  3. July 15 to July 28 all girls, ages 8 to 14
  4. July 29 to August 11 all girls, ages 8 to 14

The 2018 registration fee of $50 is due at the time of registration and it is not refundable or deductible from the camp fee of $495 per week.  We are hoping that a session at CAW will fit into your summer schedule.  The 2018 Brochure will be mailed on January 1, 2018 and registration will be opened on February 1.

Last year’s Camp Reunion had to be cancelled because of snow.  We will try again this year on January 6th from 1:00 to 3:00 at Center Church House (60 Gold Street) in Hartford. Hope you can attend!  An invitation will be sent to each camp household in Dec. via email.  Please save the date!!

Remember, as you ‘spread the word” about Asto Wamah to friends, relatives, siblings, etc, make sure you send me their home and email addresses so they can get the necessary updates and info.

Hard to believe it is already time to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. 

With Gratitude for each of you,


October Update

Welcome to October and an update on Asto Wamah!

Our weather in Columbia as of late certainly makes it hard to believe that fall has arrived.  It has been feeling much more like summer.  If you walked through camp today, you would notice very few differences (other than the buildings closed up and the rafts moored at shore) compared to when you last walked the paths.  There are some leaves on the ground, but thinking back to the gypsy moth damage during the early weeks of summer, those fallen leaves do not seem to be out of place.

Due to this warm and dry weather, we have had the opportunity to get some outside maintenance projects started and some even completed.  The Hut closest to the cold water showers has a new roof and a good deal of repaired trim work.  The poles on the Lodge’s lower porch have been sanded and painted.  We are working our way across the front of the Lodge, painting, rescreening, and repairing the 5 doors.  That work will eventually lead to a more attractive front façade.  Our major project focuses on the D.C., the oldest camp building constructed in 1944.  The lake-side wall has suffered from dampness, sun damage, and age and is now in the process of being replaced.  Fall is our best time of year to do outside work and we are keeping busy.

By the time you receive the next Blog, the dates for the 2018 season will be set. Early in November, all camp families will receive a postcard with the schedule and fees for the new season.  If you know of someone who might not be on our mailing list and would be interested in that information, please send us his or her mailing information.

We have partnered with a software company (Ultra Camp) that will be managing much of our “office work”.   Registration, the sending in of health forms, collection of fees, etc. will be a bit different.  It will be our task to help everyone understand the changes and navigate the program.  We believe you will find this format easier than it has been in the past.  More to come on that topic!

Being well informed of the weather issues beyond Columbia, we are grateful for the tranquility we have been so fortunate to have had, and are thinking of all of you who may not have been so lucky. 

Know that all of you are very special to us and we are hoping for your safety,

Jen, Catherine, Chris and Nancy

September Asto Wamah Update

Greetings to all Faithful Asto Wamah Followers,

Now that the summer camping season is behind us and the daily blogs written by Shannon and Sloane (and others) are in the past, you can expect to hear from us at the beginning of each month until June when the daily news returns.  We are sorry we missed September 1st by a day or two. We will try to be more punctual going forward.

Since the last session finished on August 12th and Family Camp on the 26th, there have been some noticeable changes at Asto Wamah.  To begin with it is VERY quiet.  No laughing or shouting even at Gaga!  No hum from the walk-ins. The cabins are all closed up, the clotheslines are down, and boats, canoes, sailboats, and stand-up paddleboards have all been put in a safe place.

If you were to walk into camp today, the first thing you would probably notice is the empty waterfront. Here are two pictures that give you a view from the flagpole and from Little Dipper.  This is our way of protecting the rafts during the possibly stormy and definitely cold months ahead. Columbia Lake will soon be drained down a few feet. We will give you updates on that in future months.

Because the hustle and bustle are gone doesn’t mean things are not happening. Cabin 6 just received (a long overdue) coat of paint on Thursday.  It is a great improvement.  As the weather holds, there will be endless projects to maintain and improve camp.

Hope the end of your summer included spending time with friends and family and enjoying lots of time outside.  Hope you also remembered to share those awesome skills you learned at CAW, including being respectful and Remembering the Other Fellow.  We are thinking of each of you as you return to your back-to-school routine. We trust your new confidence and independence will put you in a good place as you reenter the role of being a student.

Look for the next blog near October 1st!

With still vivid memories of the summer of 2017 at Asto Wamah,

Catherine, Jen, Chris and Nancy

June Update

Dear Followers of Asto Wamah,

            The start of the 2017 season is now just 3 weeks away.  Preparations are in full swing.  The field has been mowed and cut back, the buildings are being cleaned and made ready, a truck-load of sand is on its way to the gaga pit, supplies have been ordered and are arriving daily and staff are involved with on-site and online trainings. 

            On May 27th we welcomed enthusiastic families and campers to Open Camp Day.  Close to 50 families visited to see what Asto Wamah looks like, meet staff and have questions answered.  It was a successful event that generated a lot of excitement.

            I fear I have disappointed some of you with my failure to include pictures with recent Blogs.  I am always looking for the unusual and fallen short.  Last week I did see a rare sight, one I have not seen for years.  The attached picture was taken close to the huts on the hill.  If you look closely you will see three, pale pink Lady Slippers.  There use to be large patches of Lady Slippers growing in the Asto Wamah woods.  For some reason they disappeared.  I am hoping these 3 Lady Slippers represent a come back for this wild flower.

             This is my last Blog entry until September.  Beginning on June 25, the Blogs will be written daily by a staff member reporting on the activities and details of that particular day.  Hope you will follow daily to keep updated and informed.

            As we enter the 108th season at Asto Wamah, we are looking forward to a spectacular 7 weeks where friendships will be made, new respect for the natural world will increase and life-long skills of respect and inclusion will blossom.



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