Asto Wamah's September Update


For weeks now, we have said, “where did summer go?”  This summer, although hot, was perfect for living and playing outside day after day.  We luckily had enough rain to keep the dust down and rarely had to cancel or change our regular program, as you could have counted the number of thunderstorms on one hand.  The lake got warmer during the summer, but never so warm that it was not refreshing.  So without question, Mother Nature was good to us! 

The “End of the Session” camper evaluations have painted a happy picture of Asto Wamah as a place where respect for each person, the environment, and the facility is the norm.  We continue to foster the expectation that everyone will make new friends and be part of an inclusive community. Repeatedly, challenges were met and new skills and attitudes expanded.  Trying new things, whether in the dining room or program areas, was frequently reported by campers of all ages.  Amazingly, there was success in adapting to life without a cell phone! Many campers reported “it was like being on vacation.”  The freedom of being disconnected was a powerful and positive lesson.  This list could go on and on.  The lessons learned cannot be replicated in the ‘real’ world.

We are grateful for the families who chose Asto Wamah for their child’s camping experience this summer. We are truly thankful for the staff whose leadership skills and devotion to CAW provided this incredible experience for the 300+ children who attended during this 110th season.  Thank you all!

Surely you have all returned to school or work by now.  Hope the new year has gotten off to a terrific start and you have brought with you all the awesome social skills that are embedded in CAW’s motto: Remember the Other Fellow.

Our best to you,
Catherine, Jen, Chris and Nancy

P.S. We have recently had so many requests for tours of camp that we have decided to offer a Fall Open Camp Day on Saturday, October 12th between 2:00 and 4:00 pm. We will work to gather staff, LTs, and campers in the area to give tours. A reminder email blast will be sent out soon, so if you would like to stay up-to-date, don’t forget to create an ultracamp account through the camp website!