I Want to Linger-Day 13 Second Girls

Hello Again!

Our final full day of camp began with the campers enjoying warm pancakes, butter, syrup, hot chocolate, orange juice, oranges, hard boiled eggs, and yogurt. Today for swim classes instead of teaching we offered activities such as jumping off the tower, diving competitions, and aquarium games. In sports class the girls played a great game of Gaga. In boating class the boaters helped move all the sailboats, and canoes from the lake. For lunch we had a camp favorite, Texas casserole, bread, butter, salad, and ranch dressing. Dessert today was vanilla cake topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. During rest hour the extra staff searched for missing googles in the lake, and removed the final sailboats from the lake. There was a normal general swimming following rest hour. After general swim the entire camp went to the A field to play non-stop cricket. Immediately following the game, we gathered around the flagpole to try something new. We divided the campers and LT’s into different groups to complete a nature scavenger hunt. The girls looked around the camp to find different items that were on the list. Supper tonight was chicken patties, chips, pickles, and oranges. For dessert tonight Sue had made brownies toped chocolate frosting. Our evening program tonight we did our traditional CAMP FIRE! As the kids sang songs and enjoyed a s’more, we passed out swimming, boating, and track & field awards. We closed the evening with our traditional end of camp song, Linger. Tomorrow our pick up time is 8-10am. Toodles Till Tomorrow <3