April Update

Greetings to ALL Asto Wamah followers,

The April Blog should be filled with images from camp, but unfortunately I waited too long and lost the opportunity for sunny, bright pictures. During the first week of April, I will be sure to take pictures that will give you an idea of the changes that are transforming camp from bleak and stark to full of new life.  Stay tuned!

There is finally a buzz of activity here.  The snow is gone and the lake is free of ice.  The winter seemed to hold on a bit too long, but I believe we are now on the path to warmer times. We are at the time of year that will bring camp back to its recognizable, summer-like look. Many tasks are underway. One of the major jobs at Asto Wamah each spring is turning on the water.  Our water pipes are on the ground’s surface so they need to be drained each fall to avoid having them freeze and break during the winter.  

The last Saturday of April is always our Spring Clean-up Day. Volunteers come to camp and rake leaves, clean up fallen branches, wash windows, clean the cobwebs out of the buildings, and spruce up the cabins. In general, we prepare Asto Wamah for the new season.  We start working at 9:00am and end with lunch at noon.  There is a lot to be accomplished and many hands make the jobs easier.  If you are interested in helping, email Nancy through the CONTACT page on the website – that way there will be enough food.  We work RAIN or SHINE. (Come prepared!!)

This is an exciting time for camp!  We are ordering new fun activities and equipment as well as upgrading programming supplies.  The A-Field has weathered the snow and heavy rainstorms and is now green, level, and waiting for the FUN.  We are filled with anticipation for the new camping season on the horizon.

Asto Wamah’s staff is looking forward to your time at camp.  There are a few spots still open for campers (coed is the only session with a waiting list). If you have a friend or relative that may be interested, SPREAD THE WORD!

Wishing you a terrific April!!

Jen, Catherine, Chris, and Nancy