March - Camp Updates

March 2019 BLOG

Happy March!  Spring is on its way:)

The update on Asto Wamah and what is happening on Columbia Lake is a COLD story. 

It seems as though the month of February brought colder, icier and windier weather than usual.  Several of the ‘snow’ events turned to thick ice making the Camp Road treacherous and walking the paths a challenge.  Luckily the wind did not take trees, just random branches.  For a while Columbia Lake froze over and gave the ice-fishermen some opportunities to sit and fish.  The lake presently has a number of areas that still have large floating ice areas that move with the wind.  Fortunately the water is nowhere near our docks which stand to be ruined if hit by moving ice.

It won’t be long before the dam will be closed and the lake will begin to rise to its summer depth.  That will be a sure sign of spring and warmer weather:)

February was, as usual, a very busy month for Asto Wamah.  Enrollment opened on the first and by the end of the month there are a few openings remaining (except for coed-girls).  We are starting a week earlier this summer to better accommodate snow days.  That mean we end go a week later into August.  At this time there are a few openings in each session so pass the word to friends, schoolmates and neighbors.  Invite them to check out the videos that are on the website to get a better idea of what Asto Wamah looks like. On one video there are drone views of the A-Field that give you an idea of the improvements that have been made there.  Can you see the huge rocks down by the basketball court?  Those were pulled from the field during the grading stage.  They were moved with the idea of making seating for Newcomb viewers!

We are happy to see that so many of last summer’s campers are returning along with returnees from the 2018 staff.  Plans for the 110th season at Asto Wamah are moving along with more of the ‘to be expected’ and some exciting new activities and initiatives.  We very much look forward to seeing you this summer!


Catherine, Chris, Jen and Nancy

P.S. We are always ready to answer questions and concerns! 860-649-8614