September Update

Dear Asto Wamah Blog Followers,

This is the first of the off-season blogs since the end of camp on August 11th.

My intent is to update you with information about Asto Wamah so that you can know what is going on during the ‘quiet’ season.

To begin with, we hope you are well, have enjoyed this wet and hot summer, and are now ready to begin a new school year with energy and determination.

Camp is very quiet and peaceful.  Major activities include the squirrels and chipmunks running about.  The latest change is that the canoes and sailboats are packed away in the Activity Room, the rowboats are lined up on the logs where you are used to seeing the canoes, and both rafts are now in winter mooring next to Polywog dock (grey raft) and Little Dipper (white raft).  Columbia Lake is strangely empty off Main Dock.  The cabins are all locked and the clotheslines have been put away.  The Gaga Pit and tetherballs are the only evidence of past fun and laughter.

Now that our contact information for campers and parents is managed through UltraCamp, there will be some changes in the way we communicate.  Moving forward, you will be notified of important information via email, which means it is necessary to have an account in UltraCamp.  If you came to camp this summer you are all set.  However, if you have a friend or relative who is interested in getting news and updates, please encourage them to go to create an online account using the Log Into/Create An Account link on the  Camp Asto Wamah website menu bar or by using the following link, UltraCamp/Camp Asto Wamah.  We would greatly appreciate if you would kindly spread the word.