June Update

May was a very busy month at CAW.  The LTs began the month taking a CPR course. This is a requirement for Lifeguard Training and a skill all the Asto Wamah staff have.  At the end of the month we held Open Camp Day to give new campers a glimpse of what the campsite is like.  Both ‘old’ campers and staff led tours for the new campers and their families.  Our tour guides also spent time talking about the program at Asto Wamah and answering questions.  It was a beautiful day and everyone appeared to have had a great time.  There was lots of excitement and anticipation in the air! 

 It is hard to believe that in one month Coed camp will have started!!  

We are anxiously looking forward to the arrival of our 40 girl campers and 47 boys on June 30th.  Each day we are getting closer to being COMPLETELY ready.  We still need to get out all the sports, archery, crafts and swimming/rescue equipment. The rafts will need to be floated into their proper places in the lake. Clotheslines need to be hung and each cabin needs to get its final cleaning.  Of course the food needs to be ordered!

Prior to the 30th, the entire staff will spend 4 days in Staff Training preparing for the 7 weeks ahead.  This is a very important part of the season.  It is a time of sharing, learning, playing and bonding.  The staff works as a team so team building is a focus.

You are all surely getting to the end of your school year.  We hope it has been a success and you are counting the days until you will be at camp.  We are too!

Watch for the next BLOG on June 30th. From that time on you can expect to read a daily accounting of life at Asto Wamah!  Stay tuned.

Can’t wait!

Catherine, Chris, Jen and Nancy