April Update

Greetings All Asto Wamah Fans,

Hope the start of spring finds you all well and excited to welcome in the new season.  It surely means that Asto Wamah is getting nearer which is a wonderful thing!

March was a difficult month at camp.  The wind took down a good number of large branches and many small twigs.  Cleaning up the woods has taken a lot of time and effort but we are not complaining because there was no damage to buildings, docks etc.   Now with the arrival of warmer temperatures and with most of the snow melted we are gearing up to turn on the water and get the facility up and running.

April is the month when lots of cleaning and sprucing up takes place.  On Saturday, April 28th from 9 to noon we have our annual Work Day where leaves are raked and removed, cabins are cleaned, the bathrooms are readied for use and the infirmary and Hungerford are opened and organized.  We usually have lots of help and by noon the place looks awesome. It you would like to come and help we would be delighted.  There are all kinds of tasks that need willing workers. Everything is completed by 12:00 at which time lunch is served.  Call or email me to let me know that you are coming so we have plenty of food.

As I indicated in March, 2018’s registration has been like none from the past.   Each session filled in record-breaking time and all the waiting lists are LONG.  I attribute this success to all of you (and your mothers) who have been spreading the word about the value of an Asto Wamah experience.  We are very appreciative of the excitement your ‘word of mouth’ has generated. Thank you!

Last month I reminded you about Open Camp Day that will be held on May 26th from 3 to 5.  This is a wonderful time for first year campers to see the campsite and learn about our program and activities.  Staff and old campers will be present to give tours and meet new camp families.  If you know a first year campers that might be interested in visiting on the 26th please let them know.  Everyone is welcomed.

During April we continue to make programming decisions.  We’d like to focus on healthful choices for maintaining wellness.  Our plan is to have a yoga instructor and a marshal arts instructor offer opportunities to campers and staff.  We hope to have our Basketball/Newcomb Ball court replaced by the time of your arrival.  It will be nice to have one without cracks!

Wishing you a great month ahead as we get closer to the 2018 camping season.

Think camp!

Catherine, Chris, Jen and Nancy