May Update

Dear and Faithful Asto Wamahites,

Now that May has officially arrived, the Asto Wamah camping season cannot be far behind!!

With the traditional camp clean up day behind us, the grounds and buildings are ready for the fun and adventure that lies ahead.  Clean up day 2017 brought a particularly enthusiastic and dedicated team of workers to camp.  For the first time in eons, the staff was invited to take part in this annual ritual of removing leaves, spider webs, and winter dust.  A total of 8, former and present staff arrived ready to help.  They (Maddy, Janabeth, Emily, Emma O., Charlotte, Olivia, Kaitlyn K. and Colleen) along with 30 regulars (including Sue, Catherine, Chris, and Drew) have succeeded in transforming the vacant buildings and ignored landscape into a welcoming site where exciting and fun filled days will soon rule.

This summer’s enrollment is complete.  That is great news for all except those who are still waiting to register.  There are waiting lists for all sessions, which in the past have proven to be a very effective way to eventually get a spot.  Cancellations are inevitable.  Faith and patience is required:)

May is always noted for the Saturday afternoon when we hold Open Camp Day.    This year that will be on May 27th from 3 pm to 5 pm.  There will be staff present to give tours of the camp and answer questions.  Former campers who would like to help on the 27th are welcomed to participate.  Open Camp Day offers a very important opportunity for first year campers to see the inside of a cabin, get a feel for the ‘campus’ and get to meet people they will soon get to know during their stay.  We look forward to meeting many new camp families on that day.

If your health forms are complete don’t forget to send them in (Camp Asto Wamah, 42 Route 87, Columbia, CT 06237 or Fax: 860-327-5618) by June 10th so they can be reviewed.   A FAST PASS will then be emailed to those with complete forms who are NOT bringing any medications.  Even if you are bringing meds, having your forms reviewed in advance will speed up the process on Check-In day.

Happy May,