April Update

Dear Followers of Camp Asto Wamah,

March was a very busy month at camp with lots of changes taking place.

To begin with, Camp is looking a lot different today than it did a month ago.  The level of Columbia Lake is rising.  The rafts that were wintering on the lake floor (in the sailing area) are now getting closer to floating.  Plants, like skunk cabbage, are pushing up through the dirt and making the woodland look more like spring.  When the sun is out, it is providing more warmth than it has for some months now.  Birds are numerous and at last the snow is about gone.  Each day is looking more like spring, so the camping season cannot be far behind.

Probably the most critical piece of preparing for the new season is the registration of campers.  The process began in February and at this point is just about over.  The only session that has openings is the 4th, an all-girls, 2-weeks session.  Waiting lists are being formed for the full sessions and have in the past proved to be a very effective way to get a spot at camp.  There is still a need for additional campers in session 4, so keep spreading the word!

April will see the start up of the wells.  Because our water pipes are on ground level, the water is drained before freezing weather arrives.  Once the water is running there is lots of work to do to clean up from a long winter.  It is at this time that major maintenance can be undertaken to ready Asto Wamah for the new season.

2017 will mark our 108th year of camping on Columbia Lake.   A devoted and enthusiastic staff has been hired.  All of them are excited to get back to camp and present a program that is challenging, fun and meaningful in a place where children and young adults can learn valuable life lessons and grow in positive ways.  It won’t be long now!

With best wishes to all,