March Update

Greetings to All,

With only a few days left in February, we are looking at this month with great satisfaction.  It is always our most active registration month, and we are off to a good start toward meeting our 2017 goals.  There has been the perfect mix of first year campers enrolling with returning campers.  A good number of staff and campers have told a friend/neighbor/relative/ classmate about Asto Wamah and encouraged sign-up.  We are entering March with a healthy enrollment and yet there is room in all sessions for more.  Please keep passing the word so that there will be NO empty bunks at Asto Wamah this summer!  Thank you!

Along with the camper registration, this summer’s staff is growing daily and we are seeing the return of many of the 2016 staff.   We are excited that in addition to our awesome and multi-talented staff, we are increasing the number of counselors with the ability to teach the ukulele and other string instruments such as guitars.  We are focused on adding more “fun” time activities to the afternoon.  If you have any ideas, pass them on!

With the snow having left the gaga pit, we are looking to add a good layer of sand there as well as in the ‘sand box’. Both areas were hot beds of activity last summer and we will make sure they are ready to go by the first day of Coed!

After the last few days, it is difficult not to think that summer is right around the corner.  Working outside at camp on 2/22, 2/23 and 2/24 it was very difficult not to assume winter is over and warm days will be the new normal.  History tells us that Mother Nature is not done and we probably have another month or 6 weeks of cold ahead of us. 

Hope you are looking forward to the start of the new camp season as much as the staff and I are.  Lots of preparation is underway.  Supplies are being ordered.  Repairs are in progress throughout camp. New campers are visiting.   All is being made ready!

Trust you are staying well and remembering the lessons learned at CAW!