February Update

Dear Followers of the Asto Wamah Blog,

According to my calendar, we are now officially starting the 2017 season at Asto Wamah.  February 1st is a day of anticipation when the new Brochure and application form are mailed to returning and new campers.  Thanks to all of you who have worked to ‘spread the word’, we are mailing out an unusually large number to new families.  Of course it is never too late to give me new contacts to whom I can send our registration materials.  So keep them coming!

We were so disappointed that the Camp Reunion had to be cancelled on January 7th.  It seems as though that day was the only wintery weather of the entire month.  Early on that Saturday morning it was clear that holding the reunion would be unsafe.  As the day turned out, cancelling was the only option.  Wouldn’t you know that the one major storm in January would come on the day we needed dry roads and good weather?   We had planned on having a new set of Minute-to-Win-It” games, Drew’s skits and Eskimo Pies.  All had to be put on hold.  An extra long list of RSVPs, were disappointed.  We will try again in January 2018 and keep our fingers crossed.

As you may be aware, Columbia Lake is lowered in the winter to keep ice from breaking up docks and stonewalls at the shore’s edge.  So far this winter we have had very little ice on the lake.  I took two pictures of the lake to give you an idea of how different it looks in winter.  One was taken from the Icky Water Bridge and the other from the fishing dock at the White Cottage, looking toward camp.  You would have to agree that these views are quite different than they are in June, July and August! 

Don’t forget to get your camp application form back ASAP.  This year’s form again asks new campers to indicate who recommended Asto Wamah to them.  Each person who is indicated as one who ‘spread the word” will be given a special t-shirt on arrival day.  Last summer 43 shirts were awarded.  I hope even more will be handed out this summer!

Stay well and safe and don’t forget the lessons learned at CAW! 

With warmth and best wishes,