June Update

Dear Followers of Asto Wamah,

            The start of the 2017 season is now just 3 weeks away.  Preparations are in full swing.  The field has been mowed and cut back, the buildings are being cleaned and made ready, a truck-load of sand is on its way to the gaga pit, supplies have been ordered and are arriving daily and staff are involved with on-site and online trainings. 

            On May 27th we welcomed enthusiastic families and campers to Open Camp Day.  Close to 50 families visited to see what Asto Wamah looks like, meet staff and have questions answered.  It was a successful event that generated a lot of excitement.

            I fear I have disappointed some of you with my failure to include pictures with recent Blogs.  I am always looking for the unusual and fallen short.  Last week I did see a rare sight, one I have not seen for years.  The attached picture was taken close to the huts on the hill.  If you look closely you will see three, pale pink Lady Slippers.  There use to be large patches of Lady Slippers growing in the Asto Wamah woods.  For some reason they disappeared.  I am hoping these 3 Lady Slippers represent a come back for this wild flower.

             This is my last Blog entry until September.  Beginning on June 25, the Blogs will be written daily by a staff member reporting on the activities and details of that particular day.  Hope you will follow daily to keep updated and informed.

            As we enter the 108th season at Asto Wamah, we are looking forward to a spectacular 7 weeks where friendships will be made, new respect for the natural world will increase and life-long skills of respect and inclusion will blossom.



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