Day One of Camp

Today was a great day here at Asto Wamah! We had 86 excited campers arrive with some nervous parents. The parents spent their last couple of minutes with their children and then drove off leaving them with us for an entire week! As the parents headed home, the campers spent time getting to know their new cabin-mates and counselors. 

The cabins went on tours of camp to get a good refresher for the returners and our 50 new campers found out what their home looks like for the next week. After rules and introductions of our amazing staff, our 50 new campers headed over to the waterfront with Catherine, our waterfront director, to find out what level they would be in. Our new campers take a swim test, although, it really is not a test at all. It is more of a showcase of what skills they have. 

When swim tests were finally over and everyone changed out of their bathing suits, we gathered around the flagpole for flag lowering. After we all learned how to fold the flag properly, we headed on up for supper. 

Supper tonight was our traditional first day supper. It consisted of hot dogs, baked beans, tater-tots, coleslaw, carrots, and as many toppings as you can imagine! They campers gobbled up the food so they could get to dessert! Brownies are our traditional first day dessert, so everyone was looking forward to it!

Once everything was cleaned up and our dishees learned how to scrape plates and sweep, everyone went back to their cabins to get their tied-shoes on for Medical War! This game is a big dodge ball game consisting of two teams. When someone gets hit, they sit down and wait for the "medic" to come and run them back to the "jail" where they have to count to 100. Once they count to 100, they can return to the game and keep playing. Everyone had a ton of fun and are now off to their cabins to get their teeth brushed and pj's on for bedtime.

Every night, the counselors will read a book to the campers to help them fall asleep. We are hoping for more sun tomorrow for our first full day of lessons and activities!!

 ~Allissa and Sloane