Day 2 of Camp

Hello!! We are so happy to say how exciting today was and how much fun all of the campers had during their first full day of camp! 

When we all woke up today, our cookees set the table for breakfast. We had yummy french toast which was quickly devoured by everyone. Bananas were also served and in the event someone did not want french toast, we had some cereal alternatives. 

After breakfast, everyone went off to clean the cabins and get ready for first period. For some of our campers, they started in the water and found out their swimming and boating teachers, while others started out on the A-field for our first day tradition of playing "Nuc 'Em". 

We went through the first three periods which consisted of a mixture of sports, boating, arts-and-crafts, and swimming. After a counselor swim, a time for the campers to fish or play a few other games, we got ready for our big meal of the day, dinner! Today, we had chicken fingers, rice, and green beans. We ate so many chicken fingers that we ended up having to eat some ravioli to fill our tummies! 

Every day after dinner, we have store. This is a time for the campers to get piece of candy. Once they have their candy, they head over to their cabins to get ready for rest hour. This is a great time of the day for the campers to relax, write letters home, and even take a nap! Immediately after rest hour, we head back down to the waterfront for our big general swim! General swim is a big free swim where the campers are able to swim with their friends in their designated areas. 

Fourth period follows general swim. This period consists of the last class of the day which is the one that they did not get to do during the first three periods in the morning. During dinner, our counselors offer activities all throughout map that they are going to play during activity period. This time is right after fourth period. 

After activity period, we get ready for supper. Supper was tacos and applesauce with potatoes chips on the side. As we finished cleaning up, Chris announced that our evening program game was going to be Capture the Flag! Here at camp, we play this game partially in the woods, so our campers are getting their long pants and tied shoes on as we speak! 

We should have a great time with this game as it is always a favorite for the campers! We are all looking forward to another day here at Asto Wamah! 

~Allissa and Sloane