The day of the storm

Sorry we are writing so late but we had a very unique day! 

It all started this morning with a bit of rain around wake up time. The cookees, as usual, set the tables for cereal and corn bread and then everyone headed off to their cabins for Cabin Clean-Up. The campers found it difficult to clean today because of all the mud. We had some strong rain storms come through but luckily missed out on one of them. 

Classes as usual went on, however, sports class was held in the upper lodge today. The field was just far to wet to be able to head up and play a game. Instead our campers played a variety of games including telephone and other camp original games. Those in arts and crafts found it very interesting to listen to the screaming and yelling in the upper lodge. Swimming went on as usual, however, we did get the campers out early to change because it was very cold. Our boaters went out on the lake and successfully battled some strong winds. 

As lunch drew near, our cookees again headed up to set tables for a delicious meal of Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, and corn. Not only did the campers devour the main course, but also a dessert of vanilla pudding, sprinkles, and churros, everyone was stuffed beyond their usual capacity. 

Rest hour followed and everyone was very thankful for it. After a long morning and a calming hour, our campers were given a great choice of either swimming for general swim or playing a rousing game that is a combination of tennis and baseball. 

We headed on to fourth period and finally the weather warmed the field up, which made our hilltop girls extremely happy. They played a great game of spud up on the A-field and our tennis girls went right up to the court to play. 

Unfortunately, the nice, warm weather did not last for long. We had to switch up activity period a bit and play games in the upper lodge because a big storm was heading straight for the heart of Camp! We escaped with only a few rumbles of thunder and the campers got ready for a delicious supper. We had chicken patties with chips and applesauce. For dessert we had yellow cake with chocolate frosting. 

We had planned on playing an evening program game out in the woods but due to a big thunderstorm, we had an amazing indoor carnival!! We had a variety of games, including, cup stacking, horse racing, indoor bowling, and indoor archery! The kids had an amazing time and they even got ice-pops from the kitchen! 

We are all hoping to have better weather tomorrow!!

~Allissa and Sloane