The Halfway Point

Waking up this morning, everyone really felt the chill in the air. It was a crisp morning, but things started to warm up just in time for cookee bell. Breakfast today included bagels with cream cheese and butter, and cereal alternatives. Once breakfast was all cleaned up, cabins were organized at the flagpole to take their cabin photos, which are a great reminder of the week for campers to take home on Saturday!

After cabin photos, campers and counselors returned to their cabins to make them as clean as possible. This was a tricky task because so much mud was tracked into cabins from yesterday's storm that had to be swept out. An "overflow clothesline" was set up at the flagpole to make enough room for everyone's towels and swimsuits to dry from the rain.

Classes proceeded as normal, and campers continued to work hard on improving their strokes in both swimming and small craft. A lot of fun is being had on the A-field for sports class, including on the tennis courts and archery range for campers who decided to try new things!

Dinner today featured ham and noodles with carrots on the side. Butterscotch pudding proved to be a crowd favorite for dessert! Today we tried something new: instead of throwing away the food scraps in the garbage, we dedicated a separate bin to food scraps to donate to a local farm in Hebron! Everyone is very excited for this opportunity to waste less food while also helping a local cause.

The kids seemed even more excited for rest hour than yesterday and took advantage of the hour before heading out to either swim or play games around the lodge area. Gaga ball was a huge hit for the campers and there seemed to be an endless line of impatient little boys and girls eager to play!

Fourth period rushed by and the campers hurried to activity period because some of them had the opportunity to explore the lake in the Hunter! The Hunter is our largest sailboat at camp that has the capacity to hold 6 campers, making for a lot of fun!

Supper today was a little different than normal: it was kitchen staff's day off, so instead of eating in the lodge, each cabin went to a different location in camp and had sandwiches of their choice, with chips and "bug juice" (camp lemonade). This is a fun time for campers to have a change of scenery during mealtime!

Tonight's evening program is "Spies and Smugglers". This is a game where the camp is split into two teams, much like a big game of tag. When a "spy" tags a "smuggler", they then get three chances to guess where the "smuggler" hid their ticket beforehand. Each ticket has a number of points written on it that they are trying to smuggle to the A-field without it getting stolen. Both teams get a chance to be spies and smugglers. This game seems to be a huge hit with campers, and experienced campers always remember to wear pants with extra pockets to hide their tickets in!

This game will probably take a lot of energy, so we're hoping it will prove for a good night's sleep so the campers will be ready to take on another day full of activities!

~Allissa and Sloane