A Windy Day

Today was yet another slightly chilly day this morning! As everyone woke up, they headed down for a delicious meal of waffles with butter and peanut butter. For those who did not want to have waffles, cereal was provided as an alternative. 

Cabins were cleaned and first period quickly approached! The next few periods went by in a blur because we all found out that we were having shepherd's pie for dinner! The new campers found out why the staff always love when we have shepherd's pie as a meal. 

As soon as dinner finished, two lucky cabins, Four and Old Six, went up to the ropes course for rest hour. They were able to have some fun and play games with their friends while learning some very valuable lessons of communication and teamwork. 

Due to the slight chill in the air, the campers were again given choices for general swim. Many of them chose to go fishing with counselors out in row boats while a few others opted for the water! The campers who fished believed that the wind started to scare the fish away!

The Hilltop girls were able to go up to the ropes course as well for their fourth period sports class. Everyone seemed to be having a really fun time!

Activity period came and went with games like ultimate frisbee being played up on the A-Field and tower jumping down at the water front. Even though the fish may have been scared of the wind, our campers and staff were not. Two staff members and five campers took out the Hunter while another camper and staff member went out on a Sunfish. 

Tonight, the campers could not wait to hurry up and eat their grilled cheese and tomato soup that was for supper so that they could find out the game for the night. We fully believe that "Pirates", tonight's evening program is going to be one of the best games we have played so far this session. It will require the most amount of energy from the boys and girls, so we hope that they sleep well tonight!

With tomorrow being the last full day, we are confident that everyone will make the most of it!

~Allissa and Sloane