The Last Full Day of the First Session

Waking up today, the campers seemed to be in good spirits regardless of it being the last day of camp. The day started off with warm weather for our cookees to set the tables for breakfast: english muffins with jelly and butter, and of course cereal alternatives.

Next, campers headed back to their cabins to prepare for the first three periods of the day. Today's classes were very important because it was the last chance this session for them to show instructors their skills in boating and swimming. Campers found out whether they would pass or not, and if they did pass they will be receiving their awards tonight at campfire.

Dinner today was baked ziti with french bread, and jell-o for dessert. Campers were sad to go to rest hour because they would rather swim because of how hot it was. Luckily, all the campers went in the water for general swim to cool down! Campers who had passed in swimming were able to swim in their new designated area, and some were able to jump off the tower for their first time ever!

For the last day of sports, every class went up to the ropes course. One of the obstacles we did was the trust fall; some campers fell while others helped the counselors catch, which gave them the opportunity to learn a new skill. We usually do the trust fall on one of the last days of camp because we like to give the campers a chance to get to know and trust the people that may be catching them.

Today there was great wind again so the Hunter was taken out for some lucky campers to have some fun! There was soccer up on the A-field, tower jumping for everyone who passed into Level 4 swimming earlier in the day, and even a GaGa tournament!

The wind was so good today because we are actually right in the middle of a storm! The rain is coming down pretty quick and the lightening and thunder are really hitting us heavily! Hopefully it will pass soon, but unfortunately, our campfire will have to be indoors tonight. On every last night of the session, we have a campfire. During this time our campers will get their awards for passing swimming and boating and they will get their year awards. Year awards represent the amount of years that they have been a camper here at Asto Wamah. The boys awards are slightly different from the girls awards but all in all, they represent the exact same thing. 

Just a reminder for all of you anxious parents, pick-up is tomorrow from 8:30am until 10:00am! Your campers are just as excited to see you but many of them have told their counselors how much they will miss camp! We had a great session and we hope to see all of you next year!

~Allissa and Sloane