Second Girls Session 2012!

The bunks at camp Asto Wamah are filled once again! New campers, along with some returners from last session or co-ed camp, arrived today! Parents lugged duffles and trunks in high humidity all over camp to get their campers settled in. They then hurried out of camp in search of air conditioner relief. Once all the campers unpacked their belongings, counselors played some ice-breaker games and  then took campers on tours of camp.  Typically, on the first day of camp we have swimming classification for new campers, followed by a general swim for the whole camp but thunder prevented this much needed cool down from the heat. Therefore, Nancy introduced the staff and gave camp rules and expectations inside the lodge. The whole camp played a game of counselor trivia inside the lodge. It's amazing how fast new campers have learned names and made connections to other campers! They are being great sports on such a difficult first day!

The campers enjoyed our traditional first night meal of hot-dogs, tater-tots, beans, pickles, and brownies for dessert! The campers then went back to their cabins to play more ice-breakers and vote on a book that counselors will begin reading tonight after evening program.

Tonight we are having an inside evening program because there are still threats of a thunderstorm. I believe tonight will be a 'Skills Challenge' program.  The cabins will be given a list of challenges such as, " marble pickup with feet," "best off-hand writing," "longest hoola hooper," "best auditory memory," and others. They will compete against the other cabins in their camp area, either hilltop, lakeside, or seniors. It is sure to be a fun night! Hopefully it will cool off!

Check back here tomorrow night to hear about the first day of classes. (new swimmers will be classified at the beginning of swimming period tomorrow.

-The Birch Blogger