And They're Off!! The First Day of Classes!

Welcome back blog followers! While the campers went to bed as the rain poured down, they awoke to a beautiful day of sunshine! Because it is beginning to get darker earlier, we have changed the clocks at camp so that we can have more sunshine in our daily schedule. We end our days earlier by a half hour and start the day a half hour earlier.We still wake up at 7:30 here but to the outside world it is 7am. We are on "camp time" at Asto Wamah! This morning we awoke and met around the flagpole for flag raising and the pledge of allegiance. We then did our morning exercises called, "Chicken Fat". We all spread out and do several stretches such as, toe-touches, jumping jacks, and pushups(optional). It helps the campers wake up their bodies!

Then each cabin met at their table for a breakfast of cinnamon buns, cereal, oranges, orange juice,and/or hot chocolate! Following breakfast, campers cleaned their cabins and did various camp duties around camp such as, helping out with the bathrooms, boats, sweeping the lodge, and trash. The campers  looked forward to cleaning because they know that the nurse will come around and inspect the cabins. She will choose a winning cabin in each area (hilltop, lakeside, and seniors) and at the end of camp the overall winner of inspection will get a treat!

Because of the rain yesterday, new campers were classified this morning after cabin cleanup and were put into swimming classes. Next regular swimming, boating, sports, and arts and crafts classes began.  Most classes began with rules and a review of some basic skills but tomorrow the classes will be longer and campers will have to put their skills to the test!

Dinner(lunch) was ziti with salad and jello for dessert. The campers then had their first store time (pick a candy, stamp, envelope, etc) and rest hour. Rest hour is my favorite time of day :D Campers lay on their bunks listening to music, reading, writing letters, or just resting from their very active morning!  After rest hour the whole camp had their first general swim. Then they had fourth period and activity period. Several fun activities were offered today. Tower jumping, water polo, and spoons were a few of the choices.

Flag lowering came next! We  gathered around the flagpole and heard who the winning cabins were for today's inspection ( cabins 2, 5, and 8 won!) Then we lowered the flag and went inside for supper!

Supper was meatball grinders, mac n' cheese, carrot sticks, apple sauce, and lemon cake for dessert!

Right now campers are having our traditional first night game of medical wars (a dodge-ball game!)  Then we are having a guest "story teller" coming right before bed! I am SO excited!

I'll have more details on tonight for you tomorrow! Cornbread and cereal for breakfast tomorrow! YUM!

-The Birch Blogger