The Last Day!

Today was a beautiful, hot summer day- perfect weather for the last full day of the session. We began the day with waffles, peanut butter, and syrup-yum!! We then had our usual morning schedule. Campers finished up their projects in Arts and Crafts, and everyone was excited to find out if they passed their levels in swimming and boating. However, those who did not pass should still be very proud of themselves- everyone worked hard and improved a lot this session! Dinner today was Texas Hash- a Mexican style rice dish with meat and tomatoes in it. For dessert we had apple turnovers, which were delicious!

It was a nice day for General Swim. Campers who had passed Level 3 or Level 4 swimming got to swim in the next deepest area of the water! Everyone made the most of their last swim by jumping off the tower or playing water games with friends.

For Activity Period, campers chose from jumping off the tower (which the new Level 4 swimmers could do for the first time!), Aquarium games, and Zumba.

Supper tonight was hamburgers with lettuce and tomatoes, chips, and applesauce, with Italian Ice for dessert- perfect for a hot evening!

As I write, campers are beginning to pack their belongings for tomorrow. Those who are finished are gathering kindling for our Awards Campfire tonight. There will be s'mores, skits, singing, and awards for swimming, boating, cabin cleanup, and LT trivia. It will be a fun way to wrap up a fantastic session!

The campers have had a lot of fun, but they are all excited to see you tomorrow!! Please come between 8:30- 10.

Thanks for reading the blog this session- talk to you next time!

-the Birch Barker