Day 3!!!

Hellooo blog followers! Today was another B,E, A, Utiful day on Columbia Lake! Campers awoke to sunshine and the sweet aroma of french toast wafting from the kitchen! Campers cleaned their bunks and performed their various camp duties before their first period class at 10am. The weather made for a wonderful day for swimming and boating. Many upper level swimmers worked on their butterfly today, while others worked on breaststroke and sidestroke. The winds were great for period 3 senior sailors and troubling for some rowers :D  Dinner was Swedish meatballs with corn, mashed potatoes, and pears for dessert.


Some of the activities offered today for activity period were yoga, tower jumping, and paddle boarding. Today was the kitchen staff's night out so campers made lunch meat sandwiches for supper and traveled with their cabins to various places around camp.  Tonight we are playing one of my favorite camp games: Spies and Smugglers!  There are two teams ( one spies the other smugglers). The smugglers are trying to run from the flagpole to the A- field with a piece of paper that are worth various amounts of points. They hide the paper in their clothes. The spies are trying to intercept points by tagging smugglers and guessing where the piece of paper is hiding on the smuggler.

It is A TON of fun!

Tomorrow we are having english muffins and cereal for breakfast and hopefully the weather will be ok so we can continue to have classes in the water!

Check back here tomorrow! Goodnight!

-The Birch Blogger