Day 4!!!!

Today we awoke to a few droplets of rain. We enjoyed some cereal, maypo (maple oatmeal), and English muffins. Luckily, the predicted storm held off for morning classes. Boating and swimming still went in the lake! Dinner was delicious Italiano -ziti garnished with parmesan cheese, baquettes, salad (with lettuce freshly grown across the lake), and chocolate pudding with a dollop of whipped topping for dessert!

The stormy weather continued to hold off for our afternoon delightful activities. General swim was refreshing. 4th period classes were held outside as usual, and during Activity Period, campers got to play  on the A-field and games in the water,  as well as indoor games like Spoons and Sategories.

Supper tonight was chicken patty sandwiches, with a new dessert-cherry cake. It was fantastic!

As I write, each cabin is gathering 10 items to bring to tonight's Evening Program- Reverse Scavenger Hunt! Each cabin will use their 10 items to act out skits about a topic chosen by the judges. For example, they might have to enact an amusement park ride, or impersonate their counselors. The funniest skit wins. It is going to be a lot of fun!

We are preparing for some severe weather. Everyone will be safely gathered together and kept entertained as the storm passes through.

Check back tomorrow for  a report of tonight's fun program!

-the Birth Blogger