Day 2!!

Today we awoke to a warm, beautiful morning. We savored a rich breakfast of chocolate chip bread, with cereal or oatmeal. Classes really got going today, since the weather cooperated. Teachers were able to evaluate their student's current knowledge and begin teaching new skills. Sports classes played Spud on the A-field, while Arts and Crafts continued the projects they started yesterday. Dinner/lunch was raviolis, baguettes (yum!), and salad, with vanilla pudding for dessert.

General swim was greatly appreciated as the day heated up.

Activity Period choices included aquarium games, badminton, and zumba and jumping off the tower again, due to popular demand.

Supper tonight was chicken fajitas, with apple crisp-a camp favorite- for dessert.

Last night's Evening Program was a series of challenges, such as "longest hula-hooper", "best estimator", "neatest off-hand writing", and "picking up marbles with toes." Cabins competed against the other cabins in their area. It was a fun alternative to our usual outdoor games!

We were lucky to learn two new songs before bed. Two girls from cabin 1 taught the camp a fun, repeating song about a bird, while older staff taught an "oldie but goodie" camp song called Ashgrove. It's a beautiful, quiet bedtime song. This session's group is full of great singers!

Tonight, we will have an intense game of Capture the Flag on the A-field! There will be Vespers (evening reflection led by the counselors), goodnight songs, and probably a quick dip in the lake! The campers are sure to sleep well after their busy day!

-the Birch Blogger