First Day of Classes!

Today the campers awoke at 7:30 to cloudy, cool weather. Everyone gathered around the flagpole for Chicken Fat (our morning stretches) and flag raising. Breakfast was blueberry bread and cereal! After breakfast, campers and counselors worked together to tidy up their cabins, make their beds, sweep, and help out with various duties around camp. Every day, the nurse inspects cabins, and the cleanest one from hilltop, lakeside, and seniors wins Cabin Cleanup for that day. At the end of the session, the cabin with the most wins receives candy!

We gathered in the lodge as some morning showers passed by. We played indoor games until first period began. Due to the weather, seniors and lakeside had swimming inside, where they did zumba and yoga! By third period, the weather had cleared up, so hilltop was able to go swimming in the lake! Sports classes played games that incorporated learning everyone's names from their area of camp. Boating classes learned parts of the boat and important safety rules. Arts and crafts classes began work on bracelets, pillows, geckos, and knitting. Some girls are making baskets.

Dinner was chicken fingers and rice, with peaches for dessert!

After the meal, everyone appreciated a nice Rest Hour, a time in which everyone must relax on their bunks and enjoy a silent activity.

General swim followed Rest Hour. The water was refreshing!

4th period was whatever class the campers had not had in the morning. Following 4th period was Activity Period, a free time for the campers to choose an activity offered by the counselors. Some of today's choices were jumping off the tower, zumba, and volleyball.

Supper was meatball grinders, carrots, chips, and applesauce, with vanilla cake with chocolate frosting for dessert to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth!

As I write, campers are gathering for Evening Program in the lodge, as more rain approaches.

Hopefully tomorrow's weather will be bright and sunny!

-the Birth Blogger