First Girls Session 2012!

Welcome and Welcome Back GIRLS of Asto Wamah! Hooray, Hurrah, Hurrah!!! As our camp song goes: "We're the girls from Asto Wamah you hear so much about! Most everybody likes us whenever we go out, We're noted for our wisdom and the clever things we do,  Most everybody likes us we hope you like us too!"

Today, the girls moved into camp on a beautiful day full of sunshine! Over the course of the afternoon the campers were introduced to their excellent counselors, picked out their bunks for the next week or so, met new cabin mates, took a tour of camp, and rekindled friendships by playing a few ice-breaker games. Once all that was done, campers unraveled their sleeping bags, unpacked their camp knick-knacks, and changed into their bathing suits to get either classified into a swim level (if they are new) or go in for a quick general swim.

Dinner followed our swim and it was delicious! The dinner(or supper as we call it at Asto Wamah)  included: hot dogs, tater-tots, baked beans, and pickles, with fudge brownies for dessert!

As I type, all of the campers are playing a game called Medical Wars up on the Athletic or A-Field. This is our traditional first night dodgeball game that is a lot of fun! They will then sing some songs and get ready for bed. Once everyone is in bed, around 9pm,  the counselors in each cabin have selected a book they will read to the cabin until they settle down. The first night can be hard for campers because no one is on Wamah time yet and they usually take a night to adjust to their new surroundings. Tomorrow however, will be so packed with classes and activities they will fall asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows.

This session is also the beginning of our special leadership program for the girls. The LT's arrived today to learn how to be counselors at Asto Wamah and they are already helping the staff with projects around camp! They are sure to be a great bunch of leaders!

Check back tomorrow around the same time for more wamah updates! Morning bell rings at 7:30am!!!  Can't wait! :D

-The Birch Blogger