Day 10 X!

Today we endured record-breaking heat and humidity. In the morning, we did some different things to stay cool: quick dips and capsizing for boating, Drip Drip Splash in sports class (see pictures), and extra hydration. During cabin cleanup, we organized trunks- refolding clothes and sorting out the clean and the dirty. Hopefully it will last 'til Saturday! Dinner was pork patties, with vanilla pudding for dessert. The afternoon brought with it some nice cooling thunderstorms. Luckily they passed over during Rest Hour, so nobody was outside.  Instead of general swim, we played board games in the lodge. My group made a huge spiraling domino setup that, to the gathering crowd's delight, successfully fell.  Following this excitement, we had indoor 4th period classes.

Supper was "eat-out" indoors. Everyone enjoyed their picnic sandwiches and chips at their usual cabin tables in the lodge.

Tonight, we have a fun indoor Evening Program planned: Reverse Scavenger Hunt. In this game, campers bring 10 random items (such as flashlight, broom, blanket, etc) and use them as props to make skits with their cabins, competing against other cabins from their section of camp. For example, we might say "rock band," "a Camp Asto Wamah boating class," or "going to the prom" and each cabin would use their objects to act out this theme. It is a game that is always highly amusing.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring cooler weather!

-the Birch Blogger