Day 9!!!!!!!!!

Today was another scorching hot day. We returned to our regular schedules after two exciting days off for track meet and the Wamah Olympics. The campers were happy to get back into their classes. The lake was especially delightful, and sailors enjoyed strong winds. Dinner/lunch was a camp favorite: Shepherd's Pie!

We were lucky to have a special program today during Activity Period: Buana Iguana. A man named Ray Ward brought his collection of reptiles including snakes, alligators, and turtles. Some campers participated in holding these animals and helping with the demonstrations. It was really fun!

Supper tonight was pizza, with camp's famous chocolate pudding pie for dessert!

For Evening Program, the LT's led a Wild West Carnival, which included games such as musical chairs, "horse racing," an obstacle course, and various ball-tossing games. The campers dressed up in their best Western costumes, which was very creative and entertaining! Campers received pea-beans as tokens for winning games. The cabin that had the highest total beans at the end won the Golden Waffle Award. The winner was Cabin 5!

Talk to you tomorrow!

-the Birch Blogger