Day 8!!!!!!!! Wamah Olympics Continue!

Hello Birch Blogger followers! Today, camp deviated from the regular routine of classes to bring campers more Wamah Olympic events.  We awoke and started the day off right with French Toast followed by a full day of exciting competition. The morning events included, swimming and boating races, an  archery shootout, a tennis, soccer, sailing, diving, volleyball and kickball competition. They then had a much needed general swim, followed by a scrumptious meal of lasagna and ice pops for dessert. Rest hour was highly anticipated by ALL Wamah Olympians today :D

Following rest hour, campers had many more events including, a canoe race, a badminton game, a tower jumping competition, and the first ever Wamahathalon (boating instead of biking). We had another general swim and a wonderful meal of tacos! Peach Crisp was a refreshing yet tasty dessert before campers went to evening program tonight.  As I write campers are playing nonstop cricket and due to the heat and how busy the campers have been today, there will most likely be a quick dip in the lake before a much needed bedtime.  I know all the campers will fall into a deep sleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows tonight !!!

Regular schedule tomorrow!! Goodnight!

-The Birch Blogger