Banquet Day!!

Today was a special day indeed! It started off with a dress up breakfast. Each cabin had to come to the morning circle as cartoon characters. Some cabins even acted out a little skit! It was SO funny!!! Highlights included: Cabin 1 as Tom and Jerry, Cabin 2 as The Smurfs, Cabin 3 as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cabin 4 as The Avengers, Cabins 5 and Old 6 as Pokemon figures, Cabin 6 as The Lion King, Cabin 7 as Phineas and Ferb, Cabin 8 as Scooby Doo. Even the LT's came as members of Transformers and extra staff came as Charlie Brown and the Peanuts! Breakfast was cornbread and cereal! It was a much cooler day today, which was a nice break from the sweltering heat and humidity of days past. Testing campers on their newfound swimming and boating skills took place today and will continue tomorrow. We feel that all the children have worked very hard and have improved significantly.  Dinner or Lunch was various sandwiches and apple pie pastries for dessert! Then as campers had their rest hour, counselors prepared the Lodge for our traditional Asto Wamah Banquet. The campers had a choice of a game on the Athletic field or a general swim after rest hour. After fourth period, activity period was very exciting becuase there was a Pirate battle on Columbia lake between sailboats, canoes, and rowboats. It was epic!! Activity period was also special today for those who passed into a higher level of swimming. Those who passed into level 4 had the option of jumping off the tower and swimming in deep water! Many campers took out their sunday best and showered (hopefully not for the first time :D ) to look snazzy for banquet supper at 6:30pm. Banquet resembles a Thanksgiving meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, cranberry sauce, gravey, and even mints for after the meal. Then dessert was supplied by Shady Glen! The choices of ice cream were chocolate caramel crunch and chocolate chip cookie dough.

Campers received their Birch Barkers (newspapers) after supper and boy is it great!! There are some funny stories and interviews this session you will have to take a look at! Then campers sang songs and received their year awards. To cap the evening, we had a candlelight service! One camper from each cabin, usually the one who has shown the most leadership and cooperation, was chosen to read a Bible passage about the importance and significance of light. Then we sang goodnight songs and enjoyed a silent and reflective bedtime.

The last day tomorrow is sure to be memorable! We have a special campfire planned for tomorrow night and campers will receive their awards for the Olympics and Track Meet!

Goodnight Readers!

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