Day 5!!!!!

Today Campers awoke to the early morning mist coming off Columbia Lake.  We enjoyed a special breakfast of waffles with peanut butter (as is Wamah tradition!) , butter, and REAL maple syrup from a generous camp family :D It was AWESOME!!!  Next we had our usual cabin cleanup and morning classes. Today level 6 swam their 500yrds, level 4 learned butterfly, and Water Safety learned how to make rescues. There was an EPIC canoe and rowboat battle on the lake during second period which was the highlight of their morning. Lunch/Dinner was meatballs with gravey, mashed potatoes, green beans, zucchini, and bread with butter, followed by butterscotch pudding for dessert.  It was another beautiful high 80's day so campers enjoyed their general swim. The staff is hoping for rain soon to  get rid of all the dust being kicked up by the active campers. Several exciting activities were offered today for Activity period, jumping off the tower, basketball, ultimate frisbee, sailing, badminton, and sailing on the largest watercraft in camp, THE HUNTER.

After the nurses inspection, cabins 2,5,and 6 won cleanest cabin of the day.Tonight's game is my favorite: MURDER BY NIGHT!!!  Campers will search all over camp for counselors to track down and figure out who the murderer is.  ( no one has actually been murdered :) ) It is sure to be a hoot and holler.

Till tomorrow!

-The Birch Blogger