Day 4!!!!

We woke up today to another beautiful mid-80 day. We had a hearty breakfast of oatmeal (or cold cereal) and English muffins. Classes were making large strides in their levels. Level 6 swimmers have almost perfected the butterfly stroke, and it hasn't even been a week! Sailors delighted in learning how yell "coming about" as they tacked in the strong winds. In arts and crafts, some campers began new projects, such as coloring their own knock hockey stick or making geckos. Sports classes enjoyed playing kickball. For dinner, the chicken parm was a big hit, and the chocolate pudding for dessert was delightful. The afternoon continued as planned. For activity period, campers enjoyed ultimate frisbee and nukem (an exciting game in which a ball is thrown over a net to "nuke" out the nearest player who does not catch it).  I took an excited 14 campers to jump off the tower.

Supper tonight was a cozy meal of grilled cheese and tomato soup, with churros for dessert.

Evening program last night was a camp favorite: Pirates! Campers searched for hidden treasures and had "pirate gun" (rags filled with flour) battles. It was a close game. Campers also voted for Green and White Team captains for our track meet on Sunday, which is sure to be thrilling.

Tonight, we will have a game of King Dodge- a variation of a classic dodge ball.

Talk with you tomorrow!

-the Birch Blogger