Day 3!!!

Today began the same as yesterday.We had cereal and blueberry bread for breakfast.  YUM!!! We enjoyed it!!!  Another 80 degree day made for wonderful progress in the water classes although sailors suffered due to lack of wind.  They practiced capsizing on the lake which was a quite refreshing way to cool off.  Sports class was super hot but sought out refuge in the shade-covered ropes course.  Arts  and crafts was thrilling today; campers progressed even further on their projects. Some worked on their gimp and  friendship bracelets while others put the finishing stitches on their pillows!! Today, the kitchen staff had a half day off, so campers enjoyed an eat out, where counselors selected a different location in camp to have a picnic dinner.  Popular locales included docks which came with water views.

As promised, we have the report on last night's evening program. Drumrolll......... Spies and Smugglers! My FAVORITE!! It was an intense game of running up and down camp, tagging the opposing team bringing slips of paper (points) to the A-field.  Tonight's game remains a secret! Check back again tomorrow to find out!

My favorite meal is tomorrow at lunch.... CHICKEN PARM!!!!! - The Birch Blogger :D