Day 6!!!!!!

Today began with a few drops of rain, which slightly lessened the dust being kicked up during Chicken Fat (morning stretches). Breakfast was rich, delicious chocolate chip bread and cereal. Today was a real scorcher, making the lake even more refreshing than usual. Classes are going well; campers are receiving progress from their teachers as to what they still need to work on to pass. Everyone is excited to take a break from classes for track meet tomorrow!! Hopefully it won't get postponed by any rain.

It was the kitchen's afternoon off, so we enjoyed another "eat out" supper. Cabins went together to various locations around camp and ate a picnic of hot dogs, chips, cookies, and lemonade.

Tonight we will play a game that was created by our very own Drew and Catherine. It is called "Sniper Wars" and is a combination of many other camp games such as Pirates and Mission to Mars. It's sure to be a boys camp favorite because most of the game is about running through the woods :D

Can't wait to fill you in on track meet tomorrow!

-the Birth Blogger