It's hard to believe it was over 100 degrees just two days ago. Everyone went into the water for swimming class, but not many of the girls were happy about it. A few of them got blue lips and body-shaking shivers! So we gave them a few minutes between classes to change into their dry clothes. And instead of having a general swim, we had a visitor, CrAzY Craig! His silly sense of humor paired with some impressive tricks made for an entertaining afternoon.It started to rain right before dinner, so we held evening program inside. LTs led groups of campers from station to station, where they had to complete "Minute to Win It" games, such as Caddy Stack: stacking three golf balls (one counselor was able to do this, but no campers), or Noodling: hold a piece of raw spaghetti in their mouth and use it to scoop up a piece of raw ziti. It was a challenging and fun game, but the girls were riled up at bedtime because they didn't burn off their energy running around as they usually do at Evening Program. Counselors are still reading bedtime stories to the cabins to get them settled. It's a good start to our last week of the session.

-the Birch Blogger