Green and White Teams

Classes were not held today, because the Sunday of every two-week session here at camp is Field Day. The camp was divided into the Green Team and the White Team (Asto Wamah's colors) and campers spent the morning competing against others in their age group (Hilltop, Lakeside, and Seniors) in different running, jumping and throwing events. We were fortunate with the cloudy weather, although the clouds did turn to light rain just as we wrapped up the 50 yard dash. Campers who placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be recognized at Campfire on Friday. The clouds cleared, and we were graced with sunshine in time for the Indian War Relay Race. Every camper participates in this camp-wide event, passing the green or the white baton along 3 miles of road, paths, and lakewater.  It started at the camp entrance on Route 87, and runners brought the batons along the camp road and passed them off to swimmers at Main Dock. At this point the teams were neck to neck, but after passing it to the row boats and canoes, the Green Team pulled ahead. Runners at Hungerford Dock kept a good pace and brought it back to the waterfront, where two strong swimmers took it all the way from Pollywog Dock to the finish line at Main Dock, bringing a victory for the Green Team. After dinner, campers got a sugar boost from their cake with green or white frosting, and burned off more energy at Evening Program in the cooperative games: Dizzy Izzy, Leg Ball Pass, and Obstacle Course.

Throats are sore from cheering on teammates, but everyone will sleep well tonight after such a tiring day!


-the Birch Blogger