Thunderstorm at Camp

We had a beautiful day to start out, and held classes as normal. With only three more days of classes left, the girls are eager to know whether or not they'll pass their swimming and boating level this year. In Arts & Crafts, many campers have finished making a basket with Carol, and are learning new ways to make bracelets from embroidery floss. During Activity Period, the dark clouds rolled in. Kyle blew four whistles, indicating that all boats need to come in. Counselors started closing up the cabin windows as the campers took in all dry items off the clothes lines. Strong winds whipped up and Nancy rang the fire bell to get all staff and campers to the lodge. Five minutes later the skies opened up and it started raining buckets, and the lightening and thunder started. All the campers were in the upper lodge, and counselors organized them into some games. Cookies set the tables, and by the time we ate dinner the rain stopped and a rainbow appeared on the lake.  The LTs have a Carnival planned for Evening Program. I just heard the bell, so I'm off to see what they have in store!

-the Birch Blogger